How To Get Your TikTok Account Unbanned 2023 (The Step-By-step Guide)

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If you want to recover your banned TikTok account, there is one option you can try if the account is permanently banned [See here for a temporarily banned account].

TikTok ban account every day, it may be because you violate their community guidelines consistently, or it’s a mistake from the team.

If you think you didn’t do anything wrong, you can submit an appeal to TikTok and let them know your account was banned incorrectly.

In this article, you’ll learn how to get your TikTok account unbanned. You’ll also know why your TikTok accounts get banned permanently.

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Why Was My TikTok Account Banned Permanently?

There are different reasons why TikTok may ban your account permanently, the most reason is that you’ve violated their community guidelines.

If you do this once, you won’t receive a ban from the app, but consistently violating their community guidelines will make them ban your account.

But sometimes the system can be wrong, and your account will be banned for no reason.

This isn’t your fault, and it may just be that the Team banned you because of some activities on your account.

It could be that someone is reporting your video on the app, and this will make the algorithm think your account does not adhere to the community standards.

The viewers can report your account for any reason like; graphic content, intellectual property infringement, NSFW content, illegal activities, hate speech, minor safety, bullying, misleading information, illegal activities, etc.

TikTok may remove the content, and if it continues and they find any content violating their guidelines they may permanently ban your account.

But you can always try to unban your account by submitting an appeal to the TikTok Team if you believe they made a mistake.

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How To Unbanned Your TikTok Account

After multiple violations, your account will be banned permanently and you’ll see a banner notification on your account.

If you want to recover your banned TikTok account, you’ll be able to appeal only if you believe the account was banned incorrectly.

To get a chance of unbanning your TikTok account you’ll need to submit an appeal from the app.

Step 1: Open TikTok

Open the TikTok app on your iPhone or Android, and then open the notification that says that you’ve been banned.

Step 2: Tap Appeal

From the Appeal page, you’ll need to follow the instructions that are provided and answer every question you’re asked.

Getting your TikTok account unbanned is very unlikely, and you have a very slim chance. The TikTok Team may not even reply to your Appeal.

And once this happens, the only choice you have now is to create another account for you to resume TikTok.

Now, you’ll need to be careful about the app, the type of content you post, and other community guidelines requirements.

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If you want to get unbanned from TikTok you’ll need to believe that the banned was done incorrectly, and even if it’s the Team may not reply to you.

They’re thousands of people sending the same message as you are, and that is the most reason they’re not replying to you.

But if you want to get your TikTok account unbanned, you’ll need to appeal to even get a chance.

This is the only way, if you know TikTok banned the account with Fact and you’ve violated any of their community guidelines, it’s better you don’t send an appeal.

And what you should do is create another account and adhere to their guidelines.

Requesting an appeal for a permanently banned TikTok account is hard, don’t let anyone fool you.

Once your account is permanently banned, you have a 5% chance of getting the account back or less. But appealing is a worthwhile thing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my TikTok back after being banned?

If you’ve been banned temporarily on TikTok you can easily get back your account back. But if TikTok banned your account permanently because of a violation you’ll not be able to get back your banned account. But if you think it’s a mistake you can appeal.

How to get my TikTok account unbanned fast?

There is no way to fast the process if you’ve been banned permanently or temporarily. Permanently will take you forever, and temporary may take you a week, but it all depends on how many times you’ve violated their Community Guidelines.

Why is my TikTok account permanently banned?

If TikTok is permanently banned well the cause is likely due to community guidelines violation. Once you’ve been temporarily banned repeatedly you may see this action taken by TikTok.

Why did my TikTok account get banned for no reason?

If you’ve been banned on TikTok, and you don’t know the reason it may be that you’re below 13, violated their Community standard, or someone reported you for inappropriate content on your page.

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