Why TikTok Videos Not Getting Views? And How To Fix It

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If you are asking why my TikTok videos are not getting views? there are plenty of reasons. From policy violations to the wrong content, and reviews if you upload sensitive videos.

For someone that goes to have tens of thousands of views to not getting any TikTok views, it can be frustrating. And you will be wondering why am I not getting views on TikTok

If you want to grow on TikTok to become one of the stars or influencers, you need views, so you can be on the For You page. But that won’t happen because your TikTok does not get views.

In this guide, you learn why you are not getting views on TikTok, and the mistakes you may have made without knowing. You will also learn how to fix the problem to start getting views again. The quicker you get this done, the quicker you will grow.

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Why Am I Not Getting Views On TikTok?

From your bedroom to a growing social media star on TikTok, there couldn’t be more you can ask for.

With all the content you are giving out there to build a presence for yourself, then suddenly your TikTok isn’t getting views, and you need them to grow.

There are different reasons why you are not getting views on TikTok.

From sensitive content to policy violations, copyrighted videos, poor video quality, and the type of content you are publishing on your page.

This can also happen if you just newly created a TikTok account. But here are the reasons why you are not getting views on TikTok.

1. Your Contents Is In Review

If you have posted the video for more than 1 hour and you are still not getting any views on your video, this means that the video is under review.

You will get a notification if this is the case.

TikTok is reviewing the video just to make sure the video is copyrighted free and doesn’t go against their community guidelines.

This review may also come if you have uploaded the video from your phone camera roll, rather than recording the video from the TikTok app.

And if you post inappropriate content or content that shows nudity and all that, the video will be in review.

If you have a new account you may also be in review. TikTok does this just to make sure that the account is not fake.

Using violent words and swearing can bring the video under review. Or they just decided to pick you that day

2. Sensitive Content

If you post sensitive content on TikTok this could limit why you aren’t getting any views on your video.

Start creating good content on a specific niche is what helps in building and growing your TikTok account.

So if you do all the inappropriate content and nudity, you will not be getting any view.

3. Copyright Issues On TikTok/Duplicated content

If you are the master of duplicating people’s content and using the videos on your post, it could be a big issue for you, and you won’t get any views on TikTok.

The short video sharing app doesn’t do okay with duplicate or copyrighted content.

You can just be where you are while posting copyrighted content and still will not get any views.

Not only the contents but the sound you use for your video. If you have a copyrighted sound this could be a blow, mostly if you are operating a TikTok business account.

4. Breaking Community Guidelines

If you break the TikTok community guidelines your videos will get 0 views.

TikTok will scan your videos immediately after you post a video for swearing or for words that they have banned or inappropriate.

It does this before showing the video to anybody on the app.

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5. The Banned Words/Items/keywords

This is part of TikTok community guidelines, using banned word and items on your video will definitely make your videos get 0 view. This suppresses your video.

So if you use Drug paraphernalia, weapon, Naked dolls, Swimsuits or bikinis outside of a swimming setting, etc. TikTok will help you get the video nowhere.

These items do not need to be the focus on the video, even having them in the background is enough for the video to be suppressed.

6. Shadowbanned

If you have to get shadowbanned on TikTok, they will suppress your videos from getting views.

This means that your account will be more restricted rather than getting banned forever.

This isn’t permanent, it is only available for a limited time. And within a week, it should be removed.

The shadowbanned blocks you from one particular feature if you are doing it in a spamming way.

So if you like too much you may get shadowbanned, and the same goes for posting too much.

7. Poor Video Quality

Post a poor video quality, TikTok won’t want to recommend your videos to others. If it appears all blurry and wack, people won’t be able to see anything.

Having a good video quality with good content, your post should be raining in views in no time.

For your low-quality videos to get more views, you have to be more creative and let the video be engaging, this will allow TikTok to recommend the video further.

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How To Fix Videos For Getting 0 Views on TikTok

If you want to fix your videos from getting 0 views every time you upload content on TikTok you need to use these 14 guides to fix it.

After posting a video for more than 1 hour and views aren’t coming, there is something wrong. We have written 14 guides to help you fix this problem.

Fix 1: Use Only One Account On Your Device

If you are starting TikTok afresh, make sure that there is only one account on your device.

This is because having more than one account sign in with the same device, will make TikTok think that you are a business.

If you have multiple accounts that you don’t post to, it’s fine.

Fix 2: Make Sure Your Account Isn’t Set To Private

If you are complaining that you are not getting any views on your TikTok video, first check if your account is private.

If it is, you will not get much view except if it is viewed by your followers. This is just to make sure we are not leaving any table unturned.

Fix 3: Update Your TikTok Profile

Update your TikTok profile to make your account look real and professional.

If you don’t have a profile picture and bio, TikTok may see you as fake, since they are many fake accounts on the app. Add a profile picture and a bio to your account.

You will have to participate in things like following accounts you are interested in and liking videos. Do all these before posting your video on TikTok.

Fix 4: Make Sure Your First 5 Video Is Great

If your first 5 videos aren’t great and don’t talk about the same niche, you will have a problem with the other videos you are going to post.

If you want to grow on TikTok stick to one niche and make your first 5 videos great.

It’s the best 5 that TikTok is going to use to determine what you are doing.

If you are uploading at random you may be limited in getting views for your video.

Fix 5: Using A VPN

Using a VPN may also give you ideas for creating content that is already trending in other countries. TikTok takes this into account.

If you want to use A VPN for TikTok don’t use the free one, they may be some problems with it.

And if you upload a video with the VPN turned on it might get 0 views.

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Fix 6: Don’t Use Copyrighted Videos On Your Videos/Reposts

If you post a copyrighted video on your TikTok page, your video will remain at 0 views.

TikTok doesn’t allow you to get away with duplicating people’s content and reposting your video.

The only way you can use people’s content is when you are doing a duet video.

So when you use people’s videos, music, or any other copyrighted media on your video, your video will forever remain in 0 views.

TikTok is fighting copyright issues, and don’t be a part of it.

For music, you can use any trending music on an individual account. The business account can’t use trending music in their account.

Fix 7: Don’t Use Banned Words/Item or Swearing to Someone

TikTok has a lot of banned words that you should not use on your video, this also includes items that shouldn’t be found in the video.

Once these items are found, you use banned words or swear at someone, your video will be suppressed.

Before making a video ensure you are not using any negative words, and don’t include items such as drugs, weapons, knives, naked dolls, wearing swimsuits or bikinis outside of a swimming pool or beach, etc.

If you are promoting things like guns and other harmful products, your video will not get anywhere.

Look before doing anything stupid on your video to avoid it being suppressed.

If you removed the items or stop the use of the bad words, your video will be posted and you will start getting views.

Fix 8: Don’t Violate Community Guidelines

If you post a video violating TikTok community guidelines your video won’t be shown to others.

TikTok scans every video before they get passed to others. Creating a new account can also make this happen, and your video will be in review.

If you go against their terms by posting nudity or something similar, TikTok may think there are the same and will suppress your video from getting views.

To get views on your videos on TikTok, don’t go against the community guidelines.

There are things you should avoid when creating a video for your account. Don’t post sexual content, and don’t be violent in your video.

Being racist, sexist, or content that targets a particular group of people doesn’t help.

Sharing misinformation, involved in promoting scams. Here is the full list of TikTok community guidelines.

Fix 9: Don’t Get Shadowbanned

Don’t get shadowbanned when using the TikTok app, this doesn’t help you achieve any goal, and there is a high chance that your video views will remain 0.

Once a shadowbanned is issued on your account you will not be notified.

If your content is found to violate any of their community standards you will not be able to see your post shown up on more people’s feed.

Also, delete the video that made TikTok shadowbanned you.

To remove the shadowbanned from your account you can just wait the time out, 1 week, or you can try contacting TikTok Customer Support.

Fix 10: Make The Video Interesting And Funny

To get more views on TikTok post more interesting content, even though what you are posting is useful, nobody cares if the video doesn’t give them the video.

If you don’t grab their attention within 8 seconds they will move to the next video.

If your videos is interesting and funny, people will definitely want to comments, and this will lead to higher engagement and help you get more views on your video.

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Fix 11: Use Hashtags And Captions

If you don’t use hashtags and captions on your video you will not be able to get views.

Using the wrong hashtags will get you no views because it’s unrelated to your video. Use hashtags related to your video.

If you use hashtags that are unrelated to your niche, you might just be confusing the TikTok algorithm on how and what your video is about.

Find trending hashtags related to your niche and use them.

And don’t use too many hashtags in your video, use at most 5, to make the algorithm better understand your video.

Make sure to use caption in your video, don’t just go ahead without writing anything and expect to see views when you just started yesterday.

Fix 12: Follow Trends

If you want to get more views on TikTok, you will have to follow trends once in a while.

This will let you gain more followers and also attract a new audience. You can do a duets challenge with other people, or use the Sound that is trending to create your video.

And also don’t stick to one type of video creative all through, use funny sounds and add effects to put up your game.

Once you do this, you will get views and gain new followers if your content is also great.

Find the latest trending sounds or topic, do a talk about the topic or use the sound to create a video and your video will start getting views. Don’t just go about creating all the trends, be specific.

Fix 13: Stick To A Schedule

If you are the kind of person that just published at random and expect to see an increase in your views, it won’t work.

If you are not posting on schedule and using the right trends you will not get any view.

If you are just creating TikToks and uploading in other to get many views, you will be sad with the outcome.

Maintaining a schedule will allow you to grow your account with a focus on a specific niche.

Posting too much is great either, you might get shadowbanned and this may restrict the video as well to reach more people.

You should not post more than three videos a day. Find the number of videos you want to be posting every day and stick to the schedule.

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Fix 14: Stick To A Niche

Don’t go around posting random stuff on your TikTok account, it will confuse your followers and the TikTok algorithm and surely lead to a low view on your video.

To get views on your video, stick to a particular niche you know you are good at.

Posting generic content is one of the biggest issues, you are not focusing on a particular audience, instead, you are spread wide across 10 different niches.

Sticking to a single niche will help you target a niche-specific audience. And this will give you a high-forward audience you want to reach out to.

Before you go all in into a niche make sure you do your research and that it’s something you can handle


If you are experiencing 0 views on your video on TikTok, it means that there is something wrong with your video.

And sometimes TikTok will just decide to review your video that day. 

So make sure your content is good and doesn’t involve illegal items and no cause words mentioned.

If you have waited a long time and still not getting any views, there is something wrong somewhere.

Most times it takes time for TikTok to trust you if you just starting a new account.

Wait for the time being and from there it may kick off. And make sure you don’t post videos talking about certain groups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my Tiktoks suddenly getting 0 views?

There are different reasons why your videos aren’t getting any views on TikTok. Two of the main reason is being that you have a very new account, or your contents have violated their terms or community guidelines.

How long does it take for TikTok to get views?

It doesn’t take much time, about 15 minutes from there your TikTok will get more views. If your content is good you may get more views, this isn’t guaranteed.

How to get more views on TikTok after posting

To get more views on TikTok videos, you need to optimize the content for the For You page, engage with users around your niche, use Trending Sounds and Effects, add keywords to your captions, make shorter videos, and post valuable, interesting, and funny content. Following the guidelines and creating engaging content will help you get more views on your TikTok videos.

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