How To Enable Flipboard Dark Mode On Android, iPhone, And Web

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Reading the news on Flipboard and your eyes want to just pop out, you can go for the dark theme option. You can read long on screen and get the news that matters to you in time. Setting up dark mode on Flipboard is just a click away from your profile.

You can’t possibly be wrong by going dark. The feature wants to help you increase your device battery life and reduce your eye strain. Flipboard first released the feature for their web-based version on iOS before coming to Android, the feature was available on Android before the fall of 2020.

Before you can turn on dark theme on Flipboard, you need to update the app, if you haven’t, you can download an update from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. From Android 10 and newer, to iOS 13 and later you can use the system-wide dark display to enable Flipboard dark theme, and you can also turn on a dark theme for Flipboard in the Settings menu. 

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Enable Flipboard dark mode on Android

If you have an Android phone, you can turn on dark mode on Flipboard, even for none Android 10 users and newer.

1. Open the Flipboard Android app, and tap on your profile at the bottom right corner.

Flipboard app home — dark mode

2. Tap on the Settings icon at the top right corner of your screen.

Flipboard profile page — dark mode

3. On the settings menu, tap on Theme under display and select the Dark theme option.

Flipboard app dark theme

You can also use the system-wide display settings if you are using Android 10 or a newer updated OS.

Turn on Flipboard dark mode on iPhone

Dark Mode can be turned on for iOS devices using the system-wide dark display by going to Display & Brightness to enable Flipboard dark mode on iPhone here are the steps to turning it on;

1. To turn on the dark theme on iPhone, open your settings app on your iPhone or iPad device.

2. On the settings page click on the Display & Brightness option.

iOS settings dark mode

3. Tap on the Dark theme option under the appearance section and your device will go dark.

iOS dark theme

When your iPhone or iPad use the dark theme, Flipboard will automatically change themes to match. This requires iOS 13 or newer.

How to turn on Flipboard dark mode on a PC

If you want to turn on Flipboard night mode on your computer, your browser can help you automatically achieve that, or you can easily switch from your profile menu.

1. To enable dark mode, go to on your computer.

Flipboard PC site

2. Then click on your profile picture and select the dark mode option.

Flipboard PC dark theme

For some browsers, Flipboard will automatically change theme. If you are using Flipboard on the mobile web, you can turn on the dark mode by clicking on your profile picture at the top right corner of your screen. And selecting the dark mode option.

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