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If you’ve decided to quit Facebook, you can delete your account. But first, you need to download your Facebook data before deleting your account you may want to see how much information you’ve shared on Facebook. And the type of data Facebook knows about you — these can go from all the pictures and videos you’ve shared, calls, ads you’ve clicked to your about information.

The data contain everything you’ve done on the social platform, including your friends, pages you like, and groups you’ve joined, it’s a lot to count on.

Meta is a social company that controls the most popular social networking apps in the world, which include popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger. And their data collection has been a problem since the Cambridge Analytica scandal. And users have been worried about how Facebook uses their data and of course their data security practice.

Facebook collects users’ data and sells it to advertisers in other for them to place their ads using the data they’ve got from you. This data is collected from the form you fill out, what you’ve posted over time, posts you like on Facebook, videos, pictures you posted, and other factors.

Downloading your Facebook data doesn’t remove it from their server, you can download your Facebook data before deleting your account. To download your Facebook data, you need to request it from the Facebook information section.

First time on Facebook

From the very first time I gained access to the social media app, I couldn’t do anything but I did post some text (what’s on my mind). Since 2012 when I first register for an account I still wonder how much the social company knows about me, so I request my Facebook information; this information contains chats conversations with people I’ve met on and off Facebook, photos I’ve posted, and many others, the information is large.

When I requested my Facebook data, I found the history of my life on Facebook, it was fun with an interesting timeline. And since 2017 I’ve been deleting posts I don’t want on Facebook.

So if you want a good glimpse of your Facebook account information here’s how to download Facebook data before deleting your account.

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How to download Facebook data on iPhone and Android

1. Open your Facebook app, and go to the hamburger tab (the three horizontal lines at the top right corner of your screen) on your Android device. And for iPhone click on the hamburger tab at the bottom right corner of your screen.

How to download Facebook data — Click the Hamburger

2. In the menu tab of your Facebook account scroll down, and then click on “Security & Privacy,” then “Settings.” For the Lite app scroll down and click on “Settings” before the dark mode option.

How to download Facebook data — Click on Settings

3. In the Facebook settings, scroll down to the “Your Facebook Information” section and click “Download Your Information“. You can download your Facebook data here.

How to download Facebook data — Download Your Information

4. On the next page you can select the information you want to download, choose from a different category, or select all (already by default). You can set the date range, format, and media quality, then click on “CREATE FILE” at the end of the page.

How to download Facebook Information — CREATE FILE

Facebook will let you know when your copy of your Facebook information is ready. Once the file has been created, you can find your file in the Available Files tab on the Download Your Information page. The file will only be available for a few days for you to download.

To download a copy of the data that you’ve requested: Go to the Available Files section or click on the notification from Facebook, then tap Download and enter your password to complete the download.

How to download your Facebook Information — Click on Download

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How to download Facebook data on website

If you use a desktop for Facebook you can download your Facebook using the Facebook website on your best browser.

1. Open and sign in to, then click on the downward arrow in the top-right corner and click Settings & Privacy, then Settings, or go to

How to download your Facebook Information — Settings

2. Click Your Facebook Information, and Next to the option Download Your Information, click View.

How to download your Facebook data —  Your Facebook Information

3. If you don’t want to download all of your Facebook data, you can choose from the various categories, or maintain the default settings.

4. Set the date range (All time), format, and media quality of the data you want to download. You can use the default settings. Then click on Create File.

How to download Facebook information — Create File

5. You will receive a notification once your data is ready for download. Click on the notification, and then click on Download. Enter your Facebook password to confirm your identity, then wait for the download to complete.

How to download your Facebook data — Download your Facebook information

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How long does it take to download Facebook data?

The time it takes for Facebook to create a copy of your information will depend on just how much data you’ve selected to download. When your download is complete it will be delivered in a ZIP archive.

Once you’ve downloaded your Facebook data, you will be able to see all the data that Facebook collects from you. Downloading your information doesn’t automatically remove it from the Facebook server.

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