How To Request Your WhatsApp Account Information

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After the drama pulled by WhatsApp users back in February 2021 because of its new Terms, users were worried about their data, and a little percent move to other private messaging apps.

If you’re worried about what type of information the company collects you should request your WhatsApp account information to know what the messaging app has on you.

A WhatsApp account info report will show you information like contacts, groups, and more, it’ll also shows if you’ve accepted the new WhatsApp and old Terms.

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In April 2018, WhatsApp introduced the request account info feature that allowed users to see and download their WhatsApp account information.

Although the data from your account info won’t include your messages, as WhatsApp doesn’t have access to it.

It will take up to 3 days for your WhatsApp report to be generated if you made a request. And you’ll have a few weeks to download it. Don’t make any changes to your account when you request your WhatsApp report, if not, it will be canceled.

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How To Request Your WhatsApp Report

1. If you’re using an Android device, tap on the three-dot at the top right corner of your screen and click on Settings. For iOS, click on Settings in the right bottom corner.

2. Click on Account on the WhatsApp settings, and then click on Request account info.

Request WhatsApp report

3. On the request page, you’ll now have to click on Request Report to get your WhatsApp account report.

Once your WhatsApp report is ready you will have the option to download it to your device.

The download is only available for a few weeks. Your WhatsApp report will include all the information since you started using the messaging app.

Note: Don’t change your number or delete your account if you want to get your info in three days.

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How To Download Your WhatsApp Data Report

As soon as your WhatsApp report is ready, they’ll send you a notification that “Your account info report is now available,” from there you can see how much time you have to download and see what is in the report.

The report can only be viewed by an external app because it’s in a Zip format. You must use an external app that supports Zip files to view the report.

1. To download and view your WhatsApp report go to your WhatsApp Settings, tap on Account, then click on Request account info.

2. Tap on the Download report, and the ZIP file will be downloaded to your phone, which includes HTML and JSON files.

After the download, tap on the Export report button, and a share tray will appear, tap on the external app you want to export your report to and view your WhatsApp account info.

There are two files inside when you unzip the account report, an HTML file, and a JSON file. The HTML can be read by your reader app, and the JSON file can be ported to another app.

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There are probably different reasons why you might want to request your WhatsApp report and getting to know the type of data that is shared with Facebook is solely your concern.

And if you want to stop using Facebook, or other Meta social app like Instagram you can delete your account. But before deleting your account make sure you download your account information.

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