How To Block A Phone Number Or Contact On Android Device

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Whether you want to avoid your friend call, or a family member that keeps on disturbing your life, or the person that just wants to break you into pieces, it’s time you know how to block a phone number on Android.

If you’ve decided on what number to block you’ll have to say your goodbyes for some time, if it’s the number that keeps on sending in spam and promotional calls or text messages you can say your goodbyes forever.

There are lots of ways for you to block a phone number on Android from calling you, from using the in-built blocker; phone app, recent calls, and from the contact lists. You can also use an app or your network carrier. If you’re using an Android device here’s how you can block phone numbers on your device.

They are different ways to block a phone number on an Android device, based on a different manufacturer. But the steps are just slightly different but always similar. So if you know how to block a phone number on one Android phone, you can do so for other brands.

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How to block a number on Android phone

To block a phone number on an Android device, you’ll have different options to choose from based on whether you’ve got the number saved on your device or it’s a recent call from someone you don’t recognize. Or a list of telemarketer phone numbers that you want to drop on the call blocker.

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Block phone number on any Android device from recent calls

You can easily block any incoming call from calling you from the phone app on the recent tap. A Quick One: Tap on the phone number you which to block and long-press until options appear, and then choose the “block this number” or similar. This will disable all incoming calls from the number.

1. Open the Phone app, and navigate to the recent calls section of the app. All your recent calls are displayed here.

Block phone number from recents calls

2. Find the phone number or contact that you want to block. Once you’ve seen the number press down on the phone number until certain options appear.

Block this number from recent calls

3. On the options, click on Block this number or similar to prevent the person from calling you.

Block a phone number

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Block phone number from phone settings app

If you want to block a phone number from the phone settings app, it is quite easy, but you’ll have to write out the number or simply copy it because you’re going to input it manually.

1. Open the Phone app, and tap on the three-dots in the top-right of the app.

2. Choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu, and tap on “Blocked numbers” in the settings list.

3. Select “Add A Number.” You can add any phone number you want to block from calling or sending texts.

4. Manually enter or paste the phone number, then tap on “Block”.

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How to block a phone number on Samsung

If you’re using a Samsung device, things may be a little bit different, but not so different. To block a contact on a Samsung device:

1. Open the the Contacts app, and then select the contact that you want to block from the contact list.

2. Tap on the three vertical dots in the bottom-right of the app.

Block contact on Samsung

3. Click on the Block contact option in the drop-down menu.

Block Phone number on Samsung

4. Tap Block to confirm the contact you want to block in the pop-up window.

Confirm block contact in Samsung

You can remove a number from your blocked list at any time by going to the contact, tapping on the three-dot, and select “Unblock contact.”

Block phone numbers using Android apps

Android has lots of apps available on the Play Store that can block phone numbers, and it’s completely free. We’ve mentioned some of which that are most useful. If you have the Phone Master Android app, you can easily block any number from calling you.

Google Voice

Google Voice is one of the best ways to block calls. You can get started by creating an account on Google Voice, easy to set up; sign up, and find the number you want to block. You can treat all blocked numbers as spam, or block them entirely. Google Voice is not available for all countries.

Mr. Number

Mr. Number makes it easy to block unwanted calls as well as identify and stop spam calls. With Mr. Number, you can block calls from people, businesses, and hidden numbers. You can block calls from one person, area code, or an entire country and stop, numbers Download Mr. Number

Call Blocker

Another app you don’t want to miss trying is the call blocker app and is free but also has a paid version, one of the features is it privately stores private SMS messages and call logs.

Get started with the app by downloading from the Google Play Store, install and launch the Call Blocker app. Tap “Agree” to continue. On the app’s main menu, tap the “Blocked Calls” button and follow the on-screen step.

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Contact your network carrier

Most carriers can block calls from screwing up your device from unwanted calls, these will probably cost you a little amount of money. Some carriers may help you block calls for free if you contact them, some carrier does not offer call blocking so you have to find out by calling them or checking their website.

There are a ton of app to protect you from unwanted calls and are specially designed for call blocking. Spam calls are so annoying and intrusive, not to mention they waste your time saying rubbish.

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