How To Enable Dark Mode For Slack On Desktop And Mobile

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If you love using Slack for business, company communication, or like-minded community talk, you should enable dark mode for Slack to stop your eyes from dropping off your face. Although it has been long since Slack introduces the dark mode for both mobile and web.

But it isn’t just about the eyes, dark mode saves your battery and lets you concentrate when working at night. So, if you want to place your eyes back where they belong you should turn on Slack dark mode — so it can help you work well at night.

How to turn on Slack dark mode for Android

If your device is running Android 10 and older you can enable the dark mode from the app itself and also use system dark display.

1. To enable dark mode for Slack on your Android device, Tap on You at the bottom right corner.

2. Click on Preferences.

3. On the Preference page, tap on Theme and select On to enable slack dark mode. Most times Slack dark mode come with system default.

How to turn on Slack dark mode for iPhone

Slack doesn’t support the in-app dark mode option for iOS 13 and newer. To use dark mode on Slack you’ll have to turn on the system dark wide display.

1. Go to your iPhone settings and tap on Display & brightness

2. Under appearance select the dark theme to turn it on.

iOS 12 and below

For iOS 12 device and below, here is how you can enable slack dark mode from preferences.

  1. Tap the  You tab at the bottom of the screen.
  2.  Tap Preferences.
  3.  Select Dark Mode, then choose On.

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How to enable Slack dark mode for desktop

To use dark mode for Slack on desktop, go to the Slack website on your preferred browser, and sign in.

1. Click your profile picture in the top right. corner of your screen.

2. Tap on Preferences from the menu,

3. Then go to Themes to switch between light and dark mode. Click the close icon when you’re done.

You can also enable dark mode for Google Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, and Twitter.

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