How Does The Snap Score Work On Snapchat? (Here’s How)

In this article, you'll learn how a snap score works on Snapchat, you'll also learn everything about the snap score on Snapchat.
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If you want to know how a snap score works on Snapchat, the simple answer is that each snap sent and received will make your score go up [The Major Factor].

Snapchat score is what people use to determine how active a person uses the app, a higher score means you’re more active.

If you want to know how the Snapchat score is calculated, we’ve written this detailed guide explaining how the Snap score on Snapchat works.

In this article, you’ll learn how a snap score works on Snapchat, you’ll also learn everything about the snap score on Snapchat.

What Is A Snap Score?

Snapchat score determines how a user is active on the app, and also sends and receives snaps. But it’s more than that.

The snap score tracks how a user is active on the app, for someone who doesn’t use the app often with no send or receive, their snap score will be nothing to 0.

For example; I use Snapchat but not too often, I receive a lot of snaps, but it only counts when I open it, and I don’t have time to be viewing people’s snaps.

In a nutshell, I opened the app when there were messages that needed to be sent to friends or replies. If there isn’t, I hardly open the app.

Snap score is determined by a super-secret, special equation that combines the number of Snaps you’ve sent and received, the Stories you’ve posted, and a couple of other factors.


How Does Snap Score Work On Snapchat

If you’re wondering how a snap score works and how it’s calculated, well you’re not the only one asking this question.

The snap score is calculated using different in-app factors activity that contribute to your score points.

But the most basic are sending are receiving snaps, but you’ll need to open the snaps you receive for them to count. This is how Snap scores work;

How It Works 1: Sending And Receiving Snaps

The first thing that contributes to calculating the Snapchat score is sending and receiving snaps.

If you send a snap to your friends, your score points will go up, and when you receive a snap and you view it your score will also go up.

There is the first factor, Snapchat says it increases your snap score, see the others below.

How It Works 2: Stories You Post

Snap score works on Snapchat if you’re a regular story poster. Is also described by Snapchat as one of the factors.

If you post on your Snapchat story, your score will also increase, this is one of the factors that contribute to the snap score.

How It Works 3: Videos Watched On Discover

Although Snapchat didn’t mention this as do others, because they’ve stated different factors, watching videos on Discover also contributes to your Snap score, but not as much as receiving and sending snaps.

How It Works 4: Maintaining Snap Streaks

If you’re keeping up with your friends maintaining your streak and snapping for long, this will also contribute to your snap score.

How It Works 5: Bonus Point

If you haven’t been using Snapchat in a while, and you just log in to your Snapchat account, your Snap score will increase as a bonus point for coming back to the app.

How It Works 6: Other Different Factors

With all the factors and many others like interaction, content, and overall user activity, different factors contribute to the snap score, which is only known to them.

How To See Snap Score On Snapchat

If you want to see your Snapchat score or your friend’s score, you can do that from your account profile.

See Your Snap Score

If you’ve been using Snapchat you’ll be able to see your Snapchat score, if you’re just starting, the score will be at 0.

Step 1: Open Snapchat

To see your snap score on Snapchat, open Snapchat, and tap on your Bitmoji at the top left corner of your screen.

Step 2: See Your Snap Score

Under your Snap code, you’ll see the snap score close to the zodiac sign. It’s a small Snapchat icon with [num]. Tap on it to see the score.

See Your Friend Snap Score

You can only see the snap score of friends on your list. If they’re not on your friend list, you won’t be able to see their snap score.

Step 1: Open Snapchat

To see your friend’s snap score, open Snapchat, and swipe right to the Chat section.

Step 2: Find Friend

Tap on the friend Bitmoji you want to check their snap score.

If they’re not there in the Chat section, tap on your Bitmoji at the top left corner, then tap on My Friends.

Step 3: See Their Snap Score

Find the friend on the list you want to see their Snapchat score, and then tap on their Bitmoji.

Under their Bitmoji, you’ll see the snap score close to the zodiac sign. It’s a small Snapchat icon with [num]. Tap on it to see total snap score.

How To Increase Your Snapchat Score

There are different super-secret ways for you to increase your snap score on Snapchat, but do we know them all, NO.

But we have the basics on what makes your Snapchat score increase, as stated by Snapchat.

Sending And Receiving Snaps

The first factor that allows your snap score to increase is sending and receiving snaps.

If you receive a snap, you’ll have to view it for the snap score to count. If you don’t open the snap, the score will count.

Post Stories

If you post stories a lot, you’ll also see a boost in your snap score. This and more determined increase in your Snapchat score.

To increase your Snapchat score, you’ll have to use Snapchat every day, post to your story, and send snaps to friends.

Watch Discover

If you like watching videos, well your snap score will also increase. Go to Snapchat Discover to watch videos to increase your snap score.

Sending Photos And Videos

Sending Images and videos also contributes, and having a long Snapchat streak with your friends and other interactions. All this and other factors increase your snap score.


If you’ve been wondering how the snap score works, or how the score is calculated well, you’ve got the full lecture on what determines Snapchat score, but there are more.

And it all depends on how you use Snapchat. The snap score is based on how active you are on the app and the activity you do.

The more you use the app, the more your snap score will increase. You send or receive a snap your snap score increases.

You post a story, your Snap score increases, and watching videos on Discover also contributes to it [one of the super-secret], and Snapchat Streak too.

That’s how the snap score works on Snapchat, be active and use the app as you are supposed to and the score will increase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the snap score go up per snap sent or received?

Your snap score will go up with 1 score for everything you send a snap or you receive a snap and view it. With a snap send, you get 1 score, the same goes for receiving a snap, but you’ll need to open it to get the score.

What increases your Snap score?

The two major features that increase your Snap score are sending and receiving snaps on the app, and posting stories. The more snaps you send and receive from friends and family, the higher your snap score will increase. But some other factors determine how snap score increases.

Do you get 1 Snap score per Snap?

Yes, you get just 1 snap score for every snap you send or receive. If you snap a snap to your friend, you’ll get one snap score. If you receive one snap, you’ll get another snap score.

Can my Snapchat score go down?

No, your Snapchat score cannot go down, you can’t lose the score once you already have it. The snap score only goes up as long as you keep receiving and sending snaps.

Can I buy a Snapchat score?

Probably, you may be able to buy Snapchat score, but I don’t know where and I won’t recommend it either, your account might get blocked. And if I suppose, they’ll likely send you a lot of snaps, and this might look suspicious to Snapchat, and your account will probably get locked.

How is Snapchat’s score calculated?

Snap score is calculated using different factors, not just sending and receiving snaps or posting stories, but there are the major factors. It uses a couple of different factors which is secret stuff known only by Snapchat, but the way you use Snapchat contributes to how your snap score is calculated.

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