How Often Does Snapchat Score Update (See The Time)

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If you use Snapchat often, then you are probably one of the millions of Snapchat users who love to send snaps to their friends and also receive snaps.

As you continue to send snaps to your friends on Snapchat, your Snapchat score keeps going higher.

You may wonder how often snap score updates. If you send and receive snaps from your friends you’ll see whether it’s updated instantly or whether it takes time.

In this article, you are going to know how often your Snapchat score updates. You’ll also learn how to increase your snap score.

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How Often Does Snapchat Score Update

Your Snap score is what shows how often you send and receive snaps. Your Snap score is updated anytime you send or receive a snap

The instant you send or receive a snap, your snap score updates itself. There is no regular time that Snapchat uses to update your snap score.

It updates as and when you send or receive snaps. You may only not see an update quickly if you have issues with your internet connection.

In the absence of any connectivity problems, your snap score should update almost instantly. If you are looking at your friend’s score, it could take up to 0-5 minutes.

On Snapchat, you have the opportunity to view the snap scores of friends as well. Snap scores can be as high as 500,000.

It could also be as low as 1. You may wonder how your friends got to such high snap scores. Let’s find out how you can also get such high snap scores.

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How To Increase Your Snapchat Score.

The only way to Increase your snap score is to send and receive lots of snaps.

The key is to be consistent and to never miss a day, especially if you are interested in keeping streaks with your friends.

One thing you can also do is add a lot more friends on Snapchat. A greater number of friends on Snapchat means a larger number of recipients of your snaps.

Once you do a snap, make sure you send them to all your friends. You must also do well to regularly open snaps that are sent to you by your friends.

You are sure to see a massive increase in your snap score once you begin doing all these.


Snapchat does not have a regular time with which it updates your snap score. Your snap score updates as and when you send or receive snaps.

To get a higher snap score, you have to send lots of streaks daily.  You can also increase your chances of getting higher Snap scores by making more friends on Snapchat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the snap score go up?

Your snap score goes up when you send or receive a snap.

How quickly does Snapchat update?

Snapchat updates immediately after you send or receive a snap.

How much does 1 Snapchat increase your score?

Your snap score increases by one point whenever you send a snap.

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