How Scamming Works On Social Networks And Dating Sites

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Through social sites, scammers have been able to get hold of their victims and collect money. The funny thing is that people are still paying the scammers because they failed to understand that the person behind the screen isn’t real. Dating sites are where scammers are now living. It’s the new breadwinning for love scams, with the Nigeria prince scam always popping up.

They use dating sites to get their victims to pay them. When these victims fall in love (scam) and have to trust them (God knows how) they will request money to use for something out of the world. The use of dating sites became a popular tool for them to quickly catch their prey, and most of them started switching to other social platforms like Instagram (where the big fish live.)

Dating sites are still being used, and that’s where most of the big bucks her. Some dating sites that are used for this act are Tinder, Wechat, Line, and most times Facebook Dating. Popular Asia dating sites and social media platforms are used to carry out this operation. That’s why we’ve written a guide for you to protect yourself from social media scam

All Facebook popular apps are used; that includes WhatsApp, with Facebook and Instagram being at the forefront of scammers. With the increase in dating and love scams, popular dating apps restricted users from a specific country (like Nigeria.) But that didn’t stop them, because with a VPN they can bypass these restrictions and get what they want. The most interesting part is that they have associates in other countries that help create these accounts to make it even easier.

Here are some of the social media platforms and dating apps that scammers used to scam their prey; Facebook, Facebook Dating, Instagram, WhatsApp, Hangout, WeChat, LINE, Telegram, Tinder, Match, and more.

They are so many, but we’ll keep updating the list once we get to know them, to help you know how to play your card well. They are so many ways scammers play their game and one of the most popular ways is through online dating — love scams. With online dating their victim love them and be able to send money to them.

So how does scamming work?

Playing a game that pays. Scammers download and install all the necessary apps and VPNs they need to use in other to carry out their act. They’ll create an account on these platforms or buy a hacked account and start searching for people they want to scam. They use dating sites and social platforms to peak at people who are searching for love online.

Messages will be sent to multiple persons, and they’ll stick to the ones who reply. They begin chatting and talking about things, sending love messages, and places that they have been (lies).

The scammer tries everything in other to earn your trust, so that when they say anything you would believe, and then start asking for money. When they finally asked you for money, and when you asked; what he wants to use the money for, they’ll say they want to come to see you or use the money for treatment (lame, but it works).

They’re all lies, and you shouldn’t fall for them. Scammers have no pity, they can take all your money and still insists you sell your properties and then send the money to them. What you should be doing is making sure you don’t fall for any of the online scams that they’re trying to get to you.

Money bags, giveaway, crypto trading, food, treatment and on death bed

With all the dating scams still floating in the air, other scams methods include money bags. If you’ve been promised heaven on earth in an online dating scene, or lots of money that’s inside a bag or chest, or an inheritance; please that is a scam. It’s just one of their ways. They’ll ask you to pay a little amount of money to get the package that contains all the thousands of dollars, or whatever currency that you want to use.

Cryptocurrency is one side of a very profitable scamming method when it comes to relationship goals online, there’s lots of money to be made. I suggest you take your time and research whatever trading or profitable site they offer you. After dating online for a few months or even weeks, they’ll tell you they know how to trade cryptocurrency, and want to help you do the same.

Happy you, without any questions asked will just go and send your coins to the scammer, and from there they’ll keep asking for more until you’ve sold your home and send the money to them. After everything, they’ll block you, and some go as far as telling you that you’ve been scammed and eventually blocked you (again).

It’s like I want to die, I haven’t eaten for like two days now. After just in a relationship with you for two weeks — he no longer has money for food. This method doesn’t seem profitable but they will eventually collect money from you at one point in time. With all that, they are also on treatment regularly so you’ll have to pay for that. It is just one of the way scammer make away with the money.

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They might use somebody close to them (their daughter mostly) lying that you’re on a deathbed or something like that. And eventually, you’ll send money to them and keep sending until the big surgery comes — that might be their big buck.

If you’re dating online, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t trust the process, but be cautious to who you give your information. And if they’re requesting money from you out of one problem or issue or the other, please just break the union. These scams mostly occur if you’ve been dating for less than six months.

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