How To Get Yellow Heart On Snapchat (Yellow Heart Emoji)

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If you use Snapchat frequently, you have surely noticed the emojis that appear next to the profiles of your friends.

They are known as Friend Emojis and they show the level of friendships you have with each contact on Snapchat.

The Yellow Heart is known as the ‘Besties’ emoji and it comes after the ‘BFs’ emoji. It appears next to your #1 Best Friend when you are also their #1 Best Friend.

In this article, you are going to learn how to get the yellow heart with a friend on Snapchat.

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How To Get Yellow Heart On Snapchat

Getting the Yellow Heart on Snapchat is a simple task to do. You first have to select the contact you want to have the Yellow Heart with.

As mentioned above, they have to be #1 Best Friend and you also have to be theirs.

This means that you must frequently text each other on Snapchat and send each other snaps too.

Constantly check your best friends list on Snapchat to find out what position they are in. Once they get to #1, the yellow heart emoji will appear.

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How To Check Your Best Friends List On Snapchat

The best friend list on Snapchat shows your top eight friends you communicate with the most and there are three ways to find that list regardless of whether you use an Android or an iPhone.

From New Chat

Open the Snapchat app and on the camera section, swipe right to go to the Chats section, and then tap on the New Chat icon at the bottom right corner of your Snapchat screen.

From Manage Friendships

Open the Snapchat app and swipe right to the Chat section. Click the Options button at right and select Manage Friendships

It will display your Best Friend List in chronological order

From Send Options

Open the Snapchat app and on the camera section, take a random picture or video.
Select the send option and this will show you your best friend list.


Getting the yellow heart on Snapchat is not a difficult process. All it requires is a little bit of patience and consistency on both sides.

You should have a friend on Snapchat whom you message frequently to get a yellow heart on Snapchat. The person should also do the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get the yellow heart emoji?

According to Snapchat, it takes two weeks of constant communication to get the yellow heart emoji.

How do you the yellow heart on Snapchat?

You can get the yellow heart on Snapchat when you are the number one person your friend messages and vice versa.

How quickly can you get a yellow heart on Snapchat?

You can get a yellow heart in two weeks if you have been messaging one particular person frequently on Snapchat.

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