How To Get Someone Account Banned On TikTok (What To Do)

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If you are a TikTok user and want to know how to get someone banned from TikTok, you’ve come to the right place.

TikTok focus on short videos that obey their Community Guidelines to ensure that the content is not harmful to other users.

Sometimes, some Tiktok users break certain Community Guidelines and get banned. To get banned on TikTok means there is some valid reason.

In this article, you’ll learn about the TikTok ban and see how to get someone’s TikTok account banned.

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What Is A TikTok Ban?

A TikTok ban is an official prohibition that TikTok gives to users who do not follow their Community Guidelines or Terms of Use.

TikTok’s Community Guidelines provide users with rules that govern the content they post. These rules enable a friendly, safe, and harmless environment on the app.

Content such as nudity, bullying, racism, and violence is prohibited on TikTok, and anyone found wanting would get banned.

You can be banned temporarily or permanently based on how severe the guidelines or terms you have broken.

There are about 4 types of bans TikTok gives to users that do not follow their guidelines or terms of use.

Permanent Ban

The first type of TikTok ban is the Permanent ban. A permanent ban is one of the most severe bans by TikTok.

A permanent ban may or may not be caused by one action. Usually, a permanent ban is caused by a repetition of violations of the Community Guidelines or Terms of Use.

If you’ve been permanently banned and try to log in to your account, you will receive a notification informing you of your ban. Unfortunately, a permanent ban can’t be lifted.

Temporary Ban

The second type of TikTok ban is the temporary ban which involves being banned for anywhere from 48 hours to two weeks due to minor infractions. To get unbanned, you can contact TikTok Support.

Live Streaming Ban

The third TikTok ban is a Live streaming ban resulting from a Live stream of a TikTok user who had violated the Community Guidelines or Terms of Use. This usually lasts from 24 to 48 hours.

Shadow Ban

The last TikTok ban is a Shadowban. This means your content does not show on other users’ feeds on TikTok.

This lasts from one to three days and is caused by little violations in how you upload content, your comment, or how you use the platform.

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Reasons Why People Get Banned On TikTok

There are several specific reasons why people get banned from TikTok.

You’re Underage

Firstly, if you are underage, you could get banned from TikTok. If TikTok discovers that you are below the age of 16, your account will get banned.

Sexually Explicit Content

Secondly, suppose the content you put out is sexually explicit and contains forms of nudity or involves minors engaging in sexual acts.

In that case, you will get banned from TikTok since you are creating an environment on TikTok that is unsafe and harmful to young TikTok users.

Violent And Graphic Information

Also, when the content you upload contains very violent and graphic information, such as severe accidents and injuries, anything that emphasizes suffering and pain, or anything that glorifies self-harm or eating disorders, your account will be banned.


Posting content that encourages bullying, racism, or discrimination could also lead to your account getting banned on TikTok.


Another reason people get banned on TikTok is impersonation. Pretending to be someone else on TikTok and engagement is prohibited on the app.


Lastly, you will get banned when your account reaches its limit of violations within a policy.

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How To Get Someone Banned on TikTok

You can’t technically get someone’s TikTok account banned. Even if the person has done wrong they need to commit an offense for TikTok to ban them.

The only thing you can do is to report the account you want TikTok to banned. You must provide the evidence that they’ve committed an offense on the app.

Step 1: Open TikTok

Open TikTok App and sign in with the appropriate account details.

Step 2: Find The Video

Locate the User account and specific video that goes against TikTok’s Community Guidelines.

Step 3: Report Account

Press and hold the screen where the video is located, and select Report

On the page that is displayed, choose a cause from the list which highlights the guidelines the video crosses

Select a secondary reason for reporting the person’s account

Step 4: Tap Send

Tap on the Send button to show that you have completed all the steps to report someone on TikTok

Verify that your report was submitted by clicking on View Report.


Getting banned on TikTok can be a big issue depending on the severity of your actions.

The ban could be temporary or permanent, and people usually get banned because of posts containing nudity, racism, or violence.

This article dives deep into what you can do to get someone banned on TikTok. It is just to report the account or post. There’s no other way to do this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do strikes on your TikTok account expire?

Strikes on your TikTok account expire after 90 days.

How does TikTok detect violations of Community Guidelines?

TikTok uses human and automated evaluations to detect violations against their Community Guidelines.

Is there a way to get unbanned on TikTok?

Yes. You can contact Tiktok Support Center and ask them to re-evaluate your account.

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