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Geometry Dash Game does not open on iPhone after launching the game. This problem has been reported by iPhone users that have updated to iOS 15.

The Geometry Dash closes immediately as you open it. This is a technical problem either from the App Developer or Apple iOS update.

When Apple releases the iOS 15 update, there made some changes that caused some apps to crash upon start, and Geometry Dash was one of the apps affected.

If you want to fix Geometry Dash, all you have to do is revert to the previous iOS version.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix the Geometry Dash app crashing on iOS 15. Since Apple releases the iOS 15 update users have been complaining, and they are asking why does Geometry Dash not opening on iPhones?

Why Does Geometry Dash Not Opening On iPhone

If you are asking why won’t Geometry Dash open on iOS? There are two major reasons why Geometry dash won’t open on your iPhone, these that may not ever be your problem but the app developer and iPhone iOS version.

1. You Use iPhone With A Home Button

The first thing you should consider before even using the Geometry Dash app is that it does not work on the older iPhone models.

Precisely iPhone with the Home button. If you want to play the game on your device you will need an iPhone 11 or newer to run the game now.

2. There May Be A Bug On The App

Another reason for the app to crash when you open it immediately could be from the app developer, a bug may be lingering about causing the problem.

This can make the app glitch and stop it from opening, and to fix it you will have to download an updated version for the app on the Apple App Store.

3. Outdated iOS Version

If you are using an outdated version of iOS, this may also stop the app from opening and caused it to close when open.

If you don’t like updating your iPhone, you should start doing so now, well, after a stable one.

Updating your device will make sure that the Geometry Dash not working isn’t caused by your device update but by the app developers. Here is how to fix Geometry Dash not opening on iPhone.

How To Fix Geometry Dash Not Opening On iPhone iOS 15

We have written how you can fix the Geometry Dash app not opening. From restarting your device to updating your iOS to a higher version.

Or reverting to your previous iOS version, maybe the best solution as it is now.

If the Geometry Dash was working before and you updated to the iOS 15 and the glitch started you can revert.

Fix 1: Use iPhone With No Home Button

When Apple introduced the iOS 15, some changes that were made caused some apps to crash upon start, and the Geometry Dash game was one of the apps affected.

You will need an iPhone X, 11, or newer model to run the game now.

Earlier models from the iPhone 8 Plus down will not be able to run the game anymore.

Fix 2: Close And Reopen Geometry Dash App

If you continue experiencing this issues, the first thing that you should try is to close and reopen the Geometry Dash app. This tends to solve many other problems for apps.

To close the Geometry Dash from app preview, swipe up from the bottom of your screen find the app, and swipe up on the apps to close the application.

Fix 3: Update The Geometry Dash App

If the problem is caused by the app developer, updating the app to the latest version might be the solution to the app opening.

Go to the Apple App Store and check if there is a new update for the application, if there is one you should begin updating the Geometry app.

Fix 4: Restart Or Force Restart Your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone will refresh your device and clear all the apps running, so if there’s any little bug that doesn’t want the Geometry Dash app to work, you might get it removed by just restarting your iPhone.

To restart your iPhone go to Settings > General, scroll down, and tap on Shut Down.

Force restarting your device could solve your problem since several users have been using it to get bugs and glitches out of their device. We have written a detailed guide to help you force restart your iPhone.

Fix 5: Revert Back To Previous iOS Version

This might be the best fix for the Geometry Dash game not opening on your device.

If you just updated your iPhone to the latest iOS version and the problem started, it might be the cause, and to solve the issue you will have to revert to the previous iOS version.

Fix 6: Update Your iPhone

If your device has a bug that’s restricting you from opening the Geometry Dash app you will need to update your iPhone and iPad to the latest version.

This will remove all the bugs and glitches and possibly fix your failed attempt to save screen recording videos.

To Update your iPhone or iPad device to the latest version of iOS & iPadOS. You can to Settings > General > Software Update. Download and Install if there’s a new update.

Fix 7: Reset All Settings

The next option you should be looking at is resetting all iPhone or iPad Settings, this doesn’t erase your data on your device, just the settings you have made changes to.

To reset all settings open your iPhone Settings > General > Reset. Tap on Reset All Settings, tap Reset All Settings again and confirm with your iPhone passcode.

Fix 8: Factory Reset

If you have tried everything possible on this fix and nothing seems to be working, you could try resetting your iPhone.

Before that make sure your iPhone or iPad data is backup. We have written a detailed guide on how to backup your iPhone to iCloud and iTunes.

Go to your iPhone Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

You will be prompted to backup your iPhone data, if you haven’t tap on Back Up Then Erase, if not skip and Erase.

Enter your device passcode to confirm the factory reset, then tap Ok.

Fix 9: Contact Geometry Dash Support

If you have followed all the fix here and nothing seem to be working, the next thing you should do now is to contact Geometry Dash Support to get this fixed, or contact Apple Support.


On your iPhone or iPad, you can view the error that causes the game to crash. Go to your iPhone or iPad Settings > Privacy > Analytics & improvements > Analytics data.

Scroll down till you find the log starting with Geometry-Jump, then you will find information for the cause of the game crash. And remember you need an iPhone 11 or newer to run the game now.

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