WhatsApp Not Sending Videos? 9 Ways to Fix The Problem (Solved)

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To fix WhatsApp not sending videos, switch internet connection, check the size and video format, use the web, check the video size, turn off Data/Battery Saver, etc.

As the most used messaging app in the world, you may experience issues when using the app, like sending videos.

If you’re having problems with WhatsApp videos not sending, with the error “Can’t send this video. Choose a different video and try again.” Here’s what to do.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix WhatsApp not sending videos on your device. You’ll also know why you can’t send videos on WhatsApp.

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What To Do If WhatsApp Error: This Video Could Not Be Sent?

Users have been complaining that WhatsApp is not sending videos, and this can be a big issue.

This problem occurs on both Android and iPhone devices. Most times even with a good internet connection it still won’t send.

There are different reasons why WhatsApp won’t send videos on your iPhone or Android device.

If you’re experiencing the issue, here’s how you can fix WhatsApp not sending videos on your iPhone and Android.

Make sure the video size isn’t more than 16MB [you can always trim it while sending], and it’s a supported media format.

For now, WhatsApp currently supports only MP4, MKV, AVI, 3GP, and MOV files.

You can use any online tool to convert the video to a supported WhatsApp format. Also, make sure the date on your device is correct.

Update the app on your device, restart your phone and then open the WhatsApp app to try and send the video.

If the video is not sending, you can always send the video as a FILE instead of a video. You can use WhatsApp web to send the video.

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Why Can’t I Send Videos On WhatsApp?

If you’re wondering why you can’t send videos on WhatsApp they’re different reasons WHY.

If the WhatsApp app won’t send videos it could be caused by your internet connection that decided not to work on the app.

This problem can also be caused by having the wrong time and date. If you’re sending large videos, you may also encounter this issue.

WhatsApp not sending videos may also be that the media file format is not supported on the app. You may also have Data Saver or Low Battery Mode turn on.

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How To Fix WhatsApp Not Sending Videos

To fix the WhatsApp error message “Can’t send this video. Choose a different video and try again,” you can use the guide below to fix the problem.

Fix 1: Switch Network Provider

One of the major causes of your WhatsApp not sending videos is because of the internet connection.

And to fix this issue on WhatsApp, you’ll need to switch to a better internet network or try loading a webpage to make sure.

If you have been using your cellular network before, you’ll need to switch to Wi-Fi or the reverse.

Fix 2: Reduce The video Size

You can send many videos on WhatsApp even though it’s more than 16 MB, but you can’t send one video that’s more than 16 MB. You can only do this if you’re trimming it.

WhatsApp has a limit on the size of media files you can send on the app, this is to stop people from sending large media on the app.

If the video is larger than 16MB you can decide to trim the length of the video before sending it, or forward the video if you have previously received it.

To forward video on WhatsApp:

  • Open the chat containing the video.
  • Tap and hold the video.
  • Tap Forward.
  • Tap the forward button in the bottom left corner [iPhone] or the top right corner [Android] and choose your recipient(s).

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Fix 3: Send Video As A File

If you’re still not able to send videos on WhatsApp, you can send the video as a file instead of a video.

This will allow the video to be as a file, but will still be available as a video when view from the File Manager app.

To do this, you just need to go to person you want to send the video to, select the file icon, tap on Documents, and find where the video is located then send to the recipient.

Fix 4: Convert Video Format

If you are sending a video format that is not supported by WhatsApp, you won’t be able to send it.

Check the details of the video to know the file format. You can choose to send another video to be sure if this isn’t a bug or a problem with the app.

If the file format isn’t supported, you can convert it to another, or better still send any other video.

For videos, WhatsApp only allows files at 16MB in size and MP4, MKV, AVI, 3GP, and MOV files.

WhatsApp can’t send 4K filming codec video. To be able to get past this, convert the video to a suitable format before sending it.

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Fix 5: Set Date And Time To Automatic

If video not sending on WhatsApp it may be because you’re using the wrong date and time. 

To fix WhatsApp not sending videos on your Android or iPhone, you’ll need to set the date and time to automatic.

This will sync the time and date to that of WhatsApp, and you’ll be able to view and send videos again.

To set up your date and time to automatic, you’ll have to do it from your phone settings. So if you’re using an Android or iPhone device here’s how to do it.

Go to your iPhone settings > Tap on General > Tap on Date & Time > Then toggle on “Set Automatically” to set your date and time.

Go to your Android settings > Tap System > Tap on  Date & time > Toggle on ‘Use network-provided time” to set your date and time automatically.

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Fix 6: Disable Data/Battery Saver Mode

If you’ve turned on Data Saver or Battery Saving Mode on your phone, sometimes the app will not be able to function properly.

Data Saver on your phone settings may be a great way to save your mobile data. But it reduces the data that’s pass through the app.

For Android: To turn off Data Saver on your phone, go to the Settings app > Network & internet > Advanced > Data Saver and turn
off the option.

To turn off Battery Saver Mode on your Android go to Settings > Battery > Battery Saver and switch off the option.

For iPhone: To turn off. Low Data on your phone, go to Settings app > Mobile Data > Cellular Data Options > Turn off Low Data Mode.

To Turn off Battery Saver Mode on your iPhone, go to Settings > Battery and turn off Low Power Mode from the menu.

Fix 7: Restart Your Device

If you can’t send a video on WhatsApp, and you’ve tried changing the network, but it’s not working, you can reboot your phone to fix the problem.

The app may just have a minor glitch, causing it to malfunction and not send

Once you restart your device and open WhatsApp, the problem will be fixed, and you’ll be able to send videos again.

Restarting your iPhone or your Android device can fix the problem.

For Android: Tap on the power button and tap on the restart option. You can power it off and wait for a few minutes before turning it on.

For iPhone: You can soft or force restart your device, this will clear glitches and stop running apps in the background.

You can also tap and hold the power button to turn it off, and then turn it on.

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Fix 8: Update WhatsApp App

If you haven’t updated the WhatsApp app in a long time, updating the app now is a good time to fix the issue.

The old version of the WhatsApp app may not be working properly, causing the app to glitch.

To update the WhatsApp app on your device, go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, once you see an update, click on it to update right away.

After you’ve updated the WhatsApp app to the latest version, then you’ll need to restart your device.

If restarting your phone hasn’t fixed the issue, confirm your phone has the latest OS version. If it’s not here’s how to update.

Fix 9: Use WhatsApp Web

If you’re having trouble with the mobile app, you can try the WhatsApp web version to send videos.

Head over to your favorite browser on your computer, then go to web.whatsapp.com and scan your account QR [Linked a device].

Now, you’ll be able to send videos on the web version, you can still send it as a file from here.

If videos can’t send on the web, it means that WhatsApp has a technical issue, or the video isn’t [allow] to send. [File format problem]. Instead, you can send it as a file.

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If WhatsApp is not sending videos on your Android, iPhone, or iPad device this could be a technical issue, the internet not working on the app, the video having a format not supported, etc.

Sometimes some users can’t send videos on WhatsApp on their PC or mobile app, but this is hardly the case.

If this issue happens to you, this may be a result of your internet, video format, or the videos don’t want to send because of a technical issue.

To fix this problem on your mobile device? Well, you can start by changing your phone network.

Update the app on your device, restart the app, and then open WhatsApp again and send the video. You can send the video as a file instead of video media.

You can use your PC to send videos through the WhatsApp web.

If none of these solutions have resolved the issue, it could mean that your SD card is corrupted [if you have one].

You’ll need to format your SD card or purchase a new SD card. Formatting your SD card will erase all of the SD card’s content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my WhatsApp not sending videos?

If you can’t send videos on WhatsApp, it’s because there’s a technical issue with the app, the internet may not be working for the app, etc.

Why does WhatsApp not receiving videos?

If someone sent you a video and you’re not receiving it, it means either your internet connection is poor, there’s a bug on the app, or the server is down.

How do I fix WhatsApp not sending media?

Switch your internet connection, forward video, correct your date and time, fresh the app, and restart your phone after updating the app. Use WhatsApp web.

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