Voicemail Not Working On iPhone? See Why & How To Fix It

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If you have an iPhone and your voicemail is not working? You will want to know why the feature is not working and how you can fix it.

When you enabled the voicemail feature on your phone, you will be able to get messages from your friends, family, or colleagues.

If you can’t use voicemail on your iPhone it may be due to different reasons. This may be because you haven’t set it up, or some issues causing the voicemail not to work.

In this article, you will learn why iPhone voicemail is not working. You will also know what to do to help you fix the problem.

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Why Is Voicemail Not Working On iPhone?

There are a few reasons why voicemail isn’t working on your iPhone. It may be that you’ve not enabled Voicemail on your iPhone which is why you are not able to use it when you want to.

To make your iPhone Voicemail work, you’ll need to enable it so that you can use it.

If you have enabled voicemail on your iPhone and it still working, it is either a software glitch or it doesn’t work at all.

Your iPhone voicemail may not be working because of the carrier network, network settings, or due to incorrect voicemail settings.

It can also be that the voicemail box has full up, and this may be the reason why the voicemail feature isn’t working on your iPhone.

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How To Fix IPhone Voicemail Not Working

You may have been using your iPhone for quite some time and you notice that your iPhone voicemail has not been working.

Here are possible ways to fix iPhone Voicemail when it not working.

Fix 1: Turn Off Call Forwarding

In most cases, the reason why your voicemail stopped working is that you turn on call forwarding and didn’t turn it off afterward. This makes your calls be forwarded to another cell number.

So in that case, your calls don’t ring through your iPhone nor record a voicemail message. To check your iPhone call forwarding status.

Go to Settings > Tap Phone > Select Call Forwarding > then Turn it Off.

Fix 2: Test Voicemai By Dialing It Directly

In some cases, your iPhone voicemail stops working probably because of an issue with a particular cellular carrier.

To test your voicemail status do the instructions below.

Go to Phone app > Tap the Keypad > Then Tap and Hold 1.

You can also try another way which is to open the Keypad tab via your Phone app and then manually dial your phone number. After that, you’ll need to enter your voicemail four-digit pin.

If your iPhone refuses to manually connect to your voicemail, then you have to contact your cellular provider’s customer care help desk to resolve the problem.

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Fix 3: Reset iPhone Network Settings

When you are sure your voicemail is normal and suppose to be working and it’s not, the possible thing to do is to reset your iPhone Network Settings.

Go to iPhone Settings > Tap on General > Navigate to Transfer or Reset iPhone > Tap Reset > Then Select Reset Network Settings.

Fix 4: Empty Your Mailbox

This is another easy way to try fixing your iPhone voicemail when it stops. In a case whereby your mailbox is full, this can cause your voicemail to malfunction.

So endeavor to empty your mailbox by deleting them, you can also listen to them before deleting the voicemails.

How To Set Up Voicemail On iPhone

But if you’ve enabled your iPhone voicemail and it is not still working, then you need to follow the step-by-step guide so as to troubleshoot the problem and get the voicemail to function.

Step 1: Go To Call the App

On your iPhone Home screen, tap on the green phone icon that has a phone symbol.

Step 2: Tap On Voicemail

You need to tap on Voicemail located at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 3: Select Set Up

When you’ve opened the Voicemail tab, continue by selecting the Set Up option that will display.

That is if your voicemail hasn’t been or requires set up. Then, follow the next step to continue.

Step 4: Create A Voicemail Password

After you’ve opened set up, go on to create a new password for voicemail and also endeavor to record or choose from the available default greetings provided.


Voicemail is a better way of receiving automated voice messages dropped by someone you may or may not know as long as your voicemail feature is enabled on your iPhone.

If your voicemail is not working, there may be several reasons why, this could be because of the network settings or you haven’t set up voicemail.

We have written ways that you can use to fix the issue on your iPhone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can i enable my iPhone voicemail?

If you want to enable your iPhone Voicemail is very easy. Just navigate to Voicemail on your Phone settings and follow the steps to enable iPhone Voicemail.

What can i do if my iPhone voicemail is not working?

In a situation where your iPhone Voicemail is not working, you can try the fix processes in this article.

How can I fix my iPhone voicemail?

The primary thing is to be sure if your iPhone voicemail mail is even turned on. If it is turned on, try the fix mentioned in this article.

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