Uploading To iCloud Paused On iPhone: Why & How You Can Fix lt

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Apple offers users an Apple ID account and a cloud service known as iCloud, which can be used to back up their data as and when necessary.

It is therefore puzzling when during your backup, the process abruptly stops and you can’t seem to figure out why uploading to iCloud is paused.

In this article, you will learn how to fix a paused upload to your Cloud account and the reason why it has happened.

Why Is My iCloud Upload To iCloud Paused

If you’re trying to upload/backup and you’re seeing the “Uploading to iCloud Paused”, this means that the upload to your iCloud has been stopped, and here are the reasons.

Weak internet connection

Uploading your data to iCloud mainly requires a strong internet connection.

The reason your iCloud backup is paused may be because your internet connection is either poor or unstable.

Low battery

Another requirement for an iCloud backup is for your device to be charged or in the process of charging.

If your device is low on battery, then your backup won’t be able to continue. On Low Power Mode, you’ll not be able to upload a backup.

Technical issue

Your device might be affected by technical glitches and bugs, which may disrupt the system process and this can be annoying.

Full iCloud storage

Apple offers its users a standard 50GB of free iCloud storage, but if the amount of data you have to backup exceeds that, then your backup won’t be able to continue as there is insufficient space.

How To Fix “Uploading to iCloud Paused”

There are different reasons which cause your backup to pause while uploading to iCloud, and here’s what you must do to fix it.

Fix 1: Strong internet connection

Make sure that you have a strong and stable internet connection before you begin an iCloud upload to prevent it from stopping.

We recommend switching to a Wi-Fi connection as that will ensure your upload goes fast.

Fix 2: Charge your device

For a smooth backup, we advise that you should plug your phone in the charger and leave it to charge while it’s on iCloud backup.

But if for some reason you have to use your phone, then we recommend that you fully charge it before starting the iCloud backup process.

Doing this will ensure that it does not pause during upload. This will make it go smoothly withhold on the line. You can turn Low Power Mode off by going to Settings > Battery.

Fix 3: Restart your iPhone

Simply turning off your phone and turning it back on may be all that is needed to clear the technical glitches and bugs that affect your phone’s software.

To restart your iPhone, Hold down the power button (for models below the iPhone X) or hold down the power button and the volume down buttons (for iPhone X models and later) for a few seconds > The shutdown menu will appear on the screen > Slide the power icon to turn the phone off > After the phone shuts down, press and hold down the power button to turn it back on.

Fix 4: Sign out and Sign in

Another solution to your iCloud upload pausing is to sign out of your Apple ID account on your device and sign in again. Then start the backup process.

Open the Settings app on your device > Select your Apple ID [name] > Click on Sign Out at the bottom of the screen.

Follow the screen prompts to successfully sign out your iCloud from the device.

Clear the Settings app from Recents and launch it again. Select the first option to sign in to your Apple ID account, then you can restart the backup process.

Fix 5: Update your device

A restart may not be able to stop the technical glitches and bugs because your software version is out of date. You might need to update your iPhone to the latest version.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone > Select General > Choose the second option: Software Update > Wait while the device checks if there are any new upgrades available > Select the latest one and wait while it downloads and installs.

Fix 6: Storage Space

Buy extra storage space for your iCloud depending on the quantity of your data. Apple sells extra storage space that users can subscribe to monthly at a cost.

Should you not be able to purchase extra space, then you could consider limiting the amount of data you choose to back up to fit your 50GB cap.

Fix 7: Apple Support

Contact customer care at Apple to resolve your issue if the above solutions are still not working.

Give them a detailed report and attach images if necessary. They should get back to you with a solution.


Normally, an iCloud backup is supposed to be complete in five hours or less should all the factors be present.

A paused backup indicates an issue somewhere and in this article, we have detailed the causes of why your iCloud backup is pausing and how you can fix it.

FAQs on How To Fix “Uploading To iCloud Paused”

This is because you have enabled the option for your Messages data to be backed up to your icloud.

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