How To Fix “This Sound Isn’t Licensed For Commercial Use” On TikTok

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If you have tried to use a music on the TikTok app and you get a “This sound isn’t licensed for commercial use” error message, it means that you can’t use it for commercial videos. So how do you fix the message to stop showing?

It’s because the music isn’t available on the TikTok Commercial Music Library. Many TikTok users face this problem, and they can’t think why they are getting the error message in the first place.

If you were able to use the sound in the past, but you’re not able to use it now because the sound isn’t licensed for commercial use, or you have a business account.

In this guide, you’ll learn why TikTok is showing you the “This sound isn’t licensed for commercial use” error message, what it means on the platform and how you can fix the problem, so you can use it on your TikTok video.

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What Does “This Sound Isn’t Licensed For Commercial Use” Means?

Getting the message on TikTok when trying to create a video means one thing, you can’t use the music for your TikTok video.

This message appears because TikTok couldn’t get the song license on their Commercial Music Library, and since it is not available there, you won’t be allowed to make a video with it.

But the message only appears if you are using a TikTok business account, verified or not.

The business account simply means you are doing business on TikTok and the music is not available for Commercial use, even if you want to join a challenge.

If you have a personal account you can use sounds for free. Switch account if you want to desperately use the track. If not, you can always use others, except to mainstream music.

Why Is TikTok Saying “This Sound Isn’t Licensed For Commercial Use?”

As explained, a business TikTok account is the only account that can give you these error messages.

But there is a reason TikTok created the Commercial Music Library, and started restricting tracks for business accounts.

TikTok was reportedly sued for copyrighted music, and thus that brought in the development of the TikTok Commercial Music Library in 2020.

This will allow the business account to use any of the track in the library, if the sounds are not there, they can’t use them.

Why this doesn’t apply to a personal account, it sticks with organizations, companies, and businesses with a TikTok business account.

A business account is not allowed to use mainstream music anyone and only use royalty-free music in their content from the Music Library.

How To Fix “This Sound Isn’t Licensed For Commercial Use” Error On TikTok

The best way to fix “this sounds isn’t licensed for commercial use” on your TikTok account is to switch to a personal account. This will allow you to use all the sounds that you want.

You can always decide to change the track you are going to use to create TikTok. Or you can create your sound and upload it.

Switch business account to personal account on TikTok

Any music that is not on TikTok Commercial Music Library, you won’t be able to use in a TikTok business account, so the best option you have is to switch to a personal account.

1. Open the TikTok app on your phone and go to your profile page. Then tap on the three horizontal lines at the top-right corner of your screen.

Fix This Sound Isn't Licensed For commercial use TikTok — Tap on Settings and privacy

2. On the menu below, tap on Settings & privacy. From the list of options under ACCOUNT, click on Manage Account.

Fix This Sound Isn't Licensed For commercial use TikTok — Tap on Manage account

3. On the Manage Account page, you’ll see Account Information and Account Control. Under Account Control tap on “Switch to Personal Account.” Confirm the switch by tapping on Switch anyway.

Fix This Sound Isn't Licensed For commercial use TikTok — Tap on Switch to Personal Account

Once you switch to a personal TikTok account you will be able to use the restricted sound and other mainstream music on your TikTok video.

Choose a different sound

Another way you can fix “This sound isn’t licensed for commercial” is to use another sound for your TikTok video.

If you want to keep your analytics and link in bio. Using another song will be your best bet than switching to a personal account.

Use Your Own Sound

You can also use your sound too, create and upload to TikTok, and use it for your video.

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What Sounds Can You Use On TikTok?

You can use any sounds on TikTok, even mainstream songs when you use a personal account.

But that is not so with a business account. A business account can only use sounds that are licensed for commercial use.

These include businesses and companies. If the music is not available in the Commercial Music library you can’t use the sounds on your video. Only royalty-free music for business accounts.

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What The Music Restriction Means For businesses?

So they won’t trend on the For You page with mainstream music and gain popularity, it’s that simple.

If you use mainstream sounds and join a challenge or whatever, you might appear to more people on the For You page.

So to gain popularity on the app, you need to run ads and be creative and not by using trending music and joining challenges.


TikTok has made mainstream songs unavailable to businesses, so they can’t trend along with others ?.

For businesses to be able to trend or even reach more people there need to run ads or get creative.

But you can beat this by switching to a personal account. This will after the ability for your account to insert links and gain insight using the analytics tool

Well, with this guide we hope you will now be able to fix the “This sound isn’t licensed for commercial use” message when you tried to add a sound to your video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Open the TikTok app, and tap the search bar at the top-right of your screen. Search for viral sounds. After the results are displayed go to the Sounds tab. You can also use the hashtags tab to see what popular hashtags related to sounds are being used.

How to see TikTok commercial music library list

To see TikTok commercial music library list, tap on the “+” to create a new TikTok. On the center top, tap on Add sound. On the page, tap on Sounds at the top, and select Commercial Sounds

TikTok business vs creator account music

TikTok business accounts can only use royalty-free music on the commercial music library. And a creator can use all mainstream music without any copyright issues.

Why can’t I use sounds on TikTok

Because you are using a TikTok business account, this will restrict the sounds that you can use in your video.

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