“This Channel Can’t Be Displayed” On Telegram? Why & How To Fix It

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It is very annoying to wake up one day and when open your favorite Telegram channel, you see “This channel can’t be displayed”.

When “This channel can’t be displayed” pops up whenever you try to access a Telegram channel, it usually means that the channel has been blocked or you have been restricted access to the channel.

In this article, you will learn why Telegram blocks some channels or restricts users/or your access to it and how you can fix it.

Why “This Channel Can’t Be Displayed” Appears

Telegram is used a lot by many people all over the world, because it has no limits to the size of multimedia files shared and any channel created can have up to a million subscribers and more.

This is why Telegram has some laid down rules and guidelines to govern the activities of channels. The reasons why a channel may be blocked are:

Sharing of pornographic materials

Once a channel is suspected of distributing adult and sensitive content, it is automatically blocked and all its contents are irrevocably lost.

A survey indicates that over 28% of Telegram channels are pornographic channels and Telegram regularly blocks these channels, although it may take time.

Hate speech

Telegram has a strict policy against hate speech and violence, and if groups and channels are found promoting such harmful values, then they are immediately banned.

Pirated content

Since there is no limit to the size of files that can be shared in channels, some channels take advantage of this feature to share pirated content like movies.

Telegram does not encourage such practice and therefore limits such channels.

Channel deleted

Also, if a channel is deleted by its creator, then all its users are automatically removed and all messages and media are lost.

How To Fix “This Channel Can’t Be Displayed”

If a channel is permanently blocked, usually for violating Telegram community guidelines, then there is nothing you can do about it, but if your access to the channel is restricted, then there are only two ways to resolve this issue.

Nicegram Bot

Step 1: Open Telegram

On your device, open your web browser and go to Nicegram site, and then tap on Log in with Telegram.

Step 2: Enter phone number

From the log in page, you’ll need to enter your Telegram phone number and you’ll get a confirmation message via your Telegram account.

Step 3: Enable Sensitive content

After you’ve confirmed the log in, you’ll see two options “I’m 18+ Years OLD” and “Show content that may be sensitive”, toggle on the two options.

Restart the app and now access the channels which you previously could not.

You can also do this via the Telegram app, go to Nicegram bot, tap on /start and select “I’m 18+ Years Old” and “Show sensitive content”. After this, restart the Telegram app.

Disable Filtering

This method only works with the Telegram web or Windows/Mac/Linux app. If you’re using a mobile here’s how to disable filtering with Telegram web.

Step 1: Open Telegram

Download the Telegram app on your desktop, or go to Telegram web and log in with your account details. Go to Settings on the menu section.

Step 2: Go to Privacy and Security

Click on “Privacy and Security” and from the list of options, Under Sensitive content section select “Disable filtering” and enable it.

Restart the Telegram app on any of your devices that have the same account and start searching for the channels to which you have limited access.


Now you know why you randomly see the “This channel can’t be displayed” message and the steps to take to fix it.

If your Telegram channels are blocked for questionable and illegal reasons like piracy, then it would bode well for you to stay away from such channels.

FAQs on How To Fix “This Channel Can’t Be Displayed”

When you see this message in any Telegram channel, then it means that the channel has been blocked by Telegram for violating their community guidelines. Alternatively, you could consider switching devices.

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