“Sorry We Couldn’t Update Your Profile Picture” On Instagram: How To Fix It

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This is an error message that appears whenever you want to upload a profile picture to your Instagram account.

You might have an old profile picture that you want to update to a newer picture but Instagram keeps displaying the error message.

You are not the only user to experience this problem. It is a common occurrence that irritates a lot of people and they have made complaints about it.

In this article, you’ll learn the reasons behind this error message on Instagram and how to go about fixing it.

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Why Do I See “Sorry We Couldn’t Update Your Profile Picture” On Instagram?

You are seeing this error message on Instagram is due to three reasons.

Unstable Internet Connection

If your internet network is poor, you will not be able to completely change your profile picture on Instagram.

Although you will go through all the steps and processes, the last step to change the profile picture will not be successful.

Violating Community Guidelines

When you disregard Instagram rules and regulations, they set punitive actions for your account and that may include preventing you from changing your username or profile picture.

Also, Instagram has required dimensions for profile pictures and does not allow the upload of nude content so anything going against these guidelines will cause the error message to popup

Technical Glitches

This might be an error with the Instagram servers and this is most frustrating because it has nothing to do with the user but there are ways to resolve it. 

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How To Fix “Sorry We Couldn’t Update Your Profile Picture” On Instagram

Since there are three reasons behind the cause of this problem, it suggests that there are also three solutions to fixing this error message on Instagram.

Fix 1: Change Networks

You might think that since Instagram is open, then you have an okay internet connection.

But it is not necessarily so. If you are having trouble changing your profile picture on Instagram, then you might consider switching to another network with a much stronger internet connection

Fix 2: Change Dimensions

The appropriate dimensions Instagram accepts are 320×320 minimum and 640×640 maximum.

So, cropping your pictures accordingly may help. Also, make sure the pictures you post do not have any explicit side to them.

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Fix 3: Restart The application

Since it is a bug problem that is from Instagram servers, the best you can do is restart the application. If that fails uninstall and reinstall the application.

You might also want to update the application to upgrade and improve some features of the app.

Waiting for a while too is an option too. If everything fails, then submit a complaint to Instagram’s support team.


Now you know the reason for the error message on Instagram and you also know what it is.

To fix the “Sorry we couldn’t update your profile picture” error message on Instagram, you need to follow any of the above steps to be able to upload your profile picture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I change my profile picture on Instagram on my iPhone?

You should consider logging out of your account and logging back in as this may be due to a technical error from Instagram servers.

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