Messenger Notification But No Message? How To Fix It (Solved)

If there's no message it means that there is a technical glitches or the message is in the request box.
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Many people have been complaining that they’re seeing unread message notifications on their Messenger app, but they don’t see any new messages.

If you’re using the Facebook app or just Messenger you may have come across this issue.

Once Facebook Messenger shows an “unread message” icon but no message on the app, here’s how you can fix it.

In this article, you’ll know why Facebook Messenger is showing unread message notifications but no messages. You’ll also see how to fix it.

What To Do If Messenger Shows Notification But No Message?

When you start up Messenger or see that you have an unread message on the app, but then you click on the notification and open the app, there’s nothing new.

You must be wondering why it’s happening, I have previous experience with this issue, and most of the time it’s because the message is in the message requests inbox.

And sometimes it may just be a technical glitch that’s causing the notification icon to show in Messenger, even though you have already seen all the messages.

And, this is the same reason why Twitter notifications won’t go away. Technical glitches or the messages are in the request box.

The Messenger icon shows that you have an unread message but it doesn’t when you go into Messenger, this is what to do to get rid of the Messenger notification when there is no message.

If you’re using an iPhone or Android device, open the Messenger app, and tap on the menu option at the top left corner.

You’ll see different options from the menu, now tap on Message requests, and you’ll see all the unread messages.

If there’s no message it means that there is a technical glitches or the message has been deleted before you open the app.

You should know that if you’ve read all the message requests and it’s still showing, it’s a glitch. You’ll just have to delete and reinstall the Messenger app.

To fix this you can ask someone to send you a message, during this time log out and log in back to your account.

Why Does Messenger Say Unread Messages?

If you look at the Messenger app and it says you have an unread message but there’s no message, this can be caused by different reasons.

If your Messenger notification won’t go away, it’s because you have an unread message in the Message request inbox.

This is where all the messages people send will end up if they’re not yet your friends on Facebook.

And sometimes you may experience this issue if there’s a technical glitch on the Messenger app.

How To Fix Messenger Notification But No Message

To fix the Messenger icon showing that you have an unread message when you don’t, you’ll need to go to the Message requests inbox.

Fix 1: Open the Message request box

The first thing to check is your message request box just to see if you will have any messages waiting for you there.

Messenger App

If you see that you have a message notification and it won’t go away, you’ll need to check your Message requests inbox.

Step 1: Open Messenger

Open Messenger on your iPhone or Android and tap on the menu icon at the top left corner of your screen.

Step 2: Tap Message Requests

On the profile menu, tap on Message requests and you’ll see all the people that have sent you messages.

There’s also a Spam section at the top of the message request box. All messages here are from people that are not your friends on Facebook and Messenger.

And if messages keep coming, they’ll come to this requests inbox if they’re not your friends on the app.

Open all the message requests chat to see all the messages. After that, the unread message icon and notification will no longer show on your device.

Facebook Web

If you’re using Messenger on the web to chat, you can see the unread message from your profile menu.

Step 1: Open Facebook

Go to your web browser on your computer and open, sign in to your account.

Step 2: Tap Messenger

On the Messenger menu, tap on the unread message on the left-hand side, indicated by text in a bold font.

Facebook Lite App

If you’re using the Facebook Lite app and you’re seeing that you have an unread message but there are no messages, this is how to get to the message requests inbox.

Step 1: Open the Lite app

Open the Facebook Lite app, and tap on the Messenger icon from the toolbar.

Step 2: Tap the gear icon

Once you’re in the message section, you’ll see settings [gear icon] and search icon at the top. Tap on Settings [gear icon].

Step 3: Tap Message requests

On the next page, tap on Message requests and you’ll see all the messages you’ve gotten from people that aren’t your friends.

If you tap on Spam at the top right corner, you’ll see more of the messages.

Open all the messages if it’s unread, and then the red-colored notification icon should disappear.

Technical Problem

If you’ve viewed all the message requests in the inbox, and the Facebook Messenger notifications won’t go away, it means that there’s a technical glitch. Here’s how you can fix it.

Fix 2: Refresh the app

If Messenger has a notification but no message, you can restart the app by force-stopping the app and background refreshing.

If you’re using an Android device, you can force stop the app and it will stop it from running in the background. Then open the app again.

The Messenger app must be open for you to be able to tap on the Force Stop button.

To Force Stop app on Android, open your phone Settings > Tap on Apps & notifications > Tap on App info or See All [Num] apps > Then find Messenger app > And then tap on Force Stop.

You can also tap and hold the Messenger app on your Home Screen, then tap on the App info icon, and tap on Force Stop.

You can refresh the Messenger app on your iPhone, all you have to do is refresh the app in the background.

To restart the app, open your iPhone Settings > Find the Messenger app > Tap on Background App Refresh > Toggle on the background refresh.

Fix 3: Uninstall and Reinstall

If you’re still seeing the red-colored notification dots on the Messenger icon, your best fix is to delete and redownload the app again.

You’ll need to uninstall the app from your device and restart your device before reinstalling the app again.

This will fix the Messenger red-colored notification issue, and you’ll be able to see notifications that matter [?].

To uninstall the app from your phone;

For Android: Tap and hold the Messenger app, and you’ll see the uninstall option at the top, drag and drop and the app will be deleted, for Android.

For iPhone: Tap and hold the Messenger, and on the small pop-up menu, tap on Delete App. The app will be removed from your device.

Once you’ve deleted the app from your phone, you’ll need to restart your phone before reinstalling the app.


Facebook Messenger shows that you got a message but when you check, there are no messages, it’s either a bug or the message is in the Message request inbox.

If the person who messages you is not your friend, the message will be in the Message requests inbox.

If you don’t read it, you will continue seeing that you have an unread message on Messenger.

But this isn’t always the case, sometimes, it may just be that the app has a bug that’s causing the Messenger notification to show.

FAQs on How To Fix Messenger Notification But No Message

When you've read all your messages, even the one from the Message requests box and the red-colored notification is still showing, you'll have to delete the app and reinstall it again on your device to get rid of the Messenger notification.

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