iPhone Stuck On Charging Screen: See Why & The Quick Fix

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Should your phone ever get stuck in the charging screen, then it is a major problem that you need to rectify.

The charging screen is when your phone displays the Apple logo when you plug it in after it completely shuts down.

Most iPhone users have issued complaints of this happening to their phone and they can’t seem to figure out why.

In this article, you will learn what fixes to apply should your iPhone get stuck on the charging screen during charge.

Why Is My iPhone Stuck on the Charging Screen?

Weak charging of your iPhone is a reason why it is stuck on the charging screen.

These can include using the wrong charger, overcharging the phone, and using it while it charges.

This can weaken the battery of your iPhone and a weak battery is sure to cause problems during charge especially when the phone is off.

The charger’s ability to properly connect with the charging board of the phone is also another reason why your phone is stuck on the charging screen. If the pins in the charger are wobbly, this is the result.

Sometimes too, it may be a software issue rather than a hardware issue which is causing your phone to be stuck on the charging screen.

This includes either an outdated software version or a malware attack on your mobile device.

How To Fix “iPhone Stuck On Charging Screen”

Fix 1: Change Your Battery

Not owning a phone at all is better than having one with a weak battery.

To fix your phone which is stuck on the charging screen, it is advised that you replace the battery with a standard Apple-manufactured one designed for your phone.

There are DIY (Do-It-Yourself) videos on YouTube that offer a step-by-step tutorial on how to manually change your battery. But I won’t recommend it, to avoid damaging your phone, visit a store.

To be on the safer side, visit an Apple repair shop for a battery replacement by a certified repairer.

Fix 2: Update iPhone

Technical glitches and bugs sometimes cause minor malfunctions in your system
processes and this may include causing your iPhone to be stuck in the charging screen.

Apple periodically releases software updates that contain fixes to these technical glitches and bugs.

Open the settings app on your iPhone > Select General > Choose the second option: Software Update > Wait while the device checks if there are any new updates  available > Select the latest one and wait while it downloads and installs.

Fix 3: Force Restart iPhone

Sometimes the bugs and technical glitches do not result from your software version but from the iPhone itself.

The iPhone may be experiencing lagging due to prolong use and it needs a force
restart to reset it.

To force restart your iPhone, quickly press and release the volume up button.

Do the same for the volume down button and press down the side button till the Apple logo appears on the screen. Release the side button and wait for the phone to reboot.

You can also restart your iPhone by:
Holding down the power button (for models below the iPhone X) or holding down the power button and the volume down button (for iPhone X models and later) for a few seconds > The shut down menu will appear on the screen > Slide the power icon to turn the phone off > After the phone shuts down, press and hold down the power button to turn it back on.

Fix 4: Download Antivirus

Antivirus software is an application that prevents, detects, and eliminates malware or virus on your device.

Downloading and installing an antivirus on your iPhone will prevent virus attacks which can cause your iPhone to be stuck on the charging screen. Antivirus can be downloaded on the App Store.

Fix 5: Heat the phone

Most users have commented that heating the battery of their phone is another way to fix the problem of their phone being stuck on the charging screen.

You take out the charger and with the phone lying down on its face you pass a hair dryer, which is turned on to medium heat, over the back of the phone where the battery is fixed.

This process should go on for about ten minutes. Charge the phone afterward and wait while it reboots.

Fix 6: Connect your iPhone to a Mac or Windows computer

This method requires the additional assistance of either a Mac or a Windows PC .

Unplug your phone from the charging port and try connecting it to your personal computer. This should cause it to turn on normally and get rid of the charging screen.

Fix 7: Recovery Mode

Another way you can fix your iPhone stuck on the charging screen is to put it into recovery mode.

Putting your iPhone into recovery mode requires that your personal computer has either Finder on Mac or iTunes on Windows.

Plug in your iPhone to the computer using a Lightning Cable > Open Finder on your Mac or iTunes on your Windows > Enter Recovery Mode on your iPhone > Unplug your iPhone when you see the Finder/iTunes logo on the iPhone screen and a prompt comes up on the computer. Turn it on to get your phone working normally.

Entering Recovery Mode for iPhone 8 and later Quickly press and release the volume up button and then the volume down button > Do the same for the side button but hold it instead of releasing it.

A blocked screen with the Apple logo will display > Still holding down on the side button, the logo will change to a lightning cable pointing toward a laptop > This indicates that you’re in recovery mode.

Enter Recovery Mode on iPhone iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Alternatively press the right-side button and the volume down button till you a black screen with
a lightning cable pointing towards a laptop appears on the screen.

Enter Recovery Mode on iPhone 6s and earlier Press and hold the Home button and the right-side button > Still hold it even when the Apple logo appears on the screen > This will change to a lightning cable pointing towards a laptop and that is an indication of Recovery Mode.


An alternative solution is to check your charger to and replace it if need be as that may be a reason for your iPhone being stuck on the charging screen.

In this article, we have outlined what
causes your iPhone to be stuck on the charging screen and how you can fix it.

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