Instagram Video Stuck On Uploading? See How To Fix It

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The main appeal of Instagram is when users post their pictures and videos in whatever fashion they want.

You may have a gorgeous video that you want to show off to your followers and be praised by them. But users have been complaining about not being able to upload their videos.

Their videos start uploading but are never completed and they’re also not able to cancel the upload and try it again

In this article, you will learn how to fix Instagram video struck on uploading. You will also know why your video is stuck on uploading.

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Why Is Instagram Video Stuck On Uploading

There are five reasons why your video on Instagram is not uploading and resolving these problems might fix your issue.

Poor Internet

This is a major factor as to why your video on Instagram is not uploading.

Your device might have a strong internet connection to open and use Instagram but you might need a bit of a stronger connection to put up a video on Instagram.

Unallowed Content

Videos containing content that goes against the community guidelines of Instagram like sexually explicit content or violent content among others won’t be uploaded.

You can try but uploading such a video will be unsuccessful

Wrong Video Format

Instagram has guidelines for users that want to post their videos. Although most devices capture videos that are tailored to be posted on Instagram.

Uploading a video will be unsuccessful if it is in a 4k format or it is more than sixty seconds

Account Issues

The reason you cannot upload your videos to Instagram is that your account might have been shadowban by Instagram.

Although you can view posts of others, you cannot make any posts of your own, much less upload a video

Technical Glitch

This may also be a result of a bug or technical glitch which is from the Instagram servers. This is usually not the fault of the user and there is little they can do to fix it.

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How To Fix Instagram Video Stuck On Uploading

There are many solutions to fixing this issue on Instagram. You can try any of them and find out which one works for you.

Fix 1: Switch Networks

Since you may be encountering this problem due to a weak internet connection, the wise thing to do is to change your internet connection to a much stronger one.

Alternatively, you can move from your current location to a different location to see if it’ll improve your current network’s connection.

Fix 2: Restart Device

You could try restarting the device which you’re using to operate Instagram.

If it is a mobile device, then press and hold the power button until the restart option comes on the screen and select it.

If it is a Personal Computer, click on the power button and select the restart option to boot the computer.

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Fix 3: Update Instagram

If you’re unable to upload a video due to a glitch or bug in the Instagram servers, then you might consider updating the app.

The new update may contain fixes to the bugs and this will resolve your issue

Also, check if your video meets the set guidelines for Instagram. Make sure that it doesn’t contain any wrongful content and that you meet the video specifications.


The processes listed above are the solutions to fixing the problem of your video not uploading on Instagram.

If after trying everything the problem persists, then submit an official complaint to the Instagram support team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Instagram video stuck

This may probably be because of your poor internet connection which might cause your Instagram app to freeze when uploading a video.

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