Hulu Chromecast Not Working? Reason & How You Can Fix It

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Hulu is one of the newer streaming services which allows viewing with Chromecast devices. You will be able to cast your phone screen to a much larger screen like a TV or projector.

Many users have been complaining that Hulu not working with Chromecast, and this can be frustrating especially when you just want to watch your movie or TV Series.

In this article, you will learn why Hulu Chromecast is not working and how you can go about fixing it.

Why Is My Hulu Chromecast Not Working?

Not properly connected

Your Hulu is also not properly connected to your Chromecast, this is why it is not working. The connection might also be bad too.

Internet connection

The reason your Hulu Chromecast is not working is that your internet connection is unstable or not strong.

Chromecast not working

Your Hulu Chromecast might not be working because their servers are experiencing downtime which is causing their operations to fail.

Your Chromecast device may be experiencing software challenges like bugs and technical glitches and that is why your Hulu Chromecast is not working.

How To Fix Hulu Chromecast Not Working

Fix 1: Switch network connection

Check your internet connection first to see if that is why your Hulu Chromecast is not working.

You can check the status of your network on and if it is not stable, then you should consider switching it.

Fix 2: Availability of movie

Sometimes, the movie or TV show you are trying to watch is simply not available in your current location.

The selected movie will not play and this will have you thinking that your Hulu Chromecast is damaged. Try selecting another title to check.

Fix 3: Check the Status if the Servers

Visit when your Hulu Chromecast stops working to check if it is a result of their servers being down.

If yes, then exercise patience as the team at Hulu will be working around the clock to resolve it.

Fix 4: Sign-in again

Sometimes, try out the simplest solution which is signing out of your Hulu account and signing back in. This may solve the issue of your Hulu Chromecast not working.

Android & iOS: Open Hulu on your phone > Select your Avatar, which is located at the bottom of the screen> On your Profile, tap on the log out button to sign out of your account > Close the app from the Recents tab and open it again > Enter your username and password to log in to your account.

Browser: On your preferred browser, visit > Select your Avatar > Click on Log Out Of All Devices to clear your account from any device used to log in > Refresh the browser > Enter your username and password to sign in to your account

Fix 5: Contact Technical Staff

Contact the Help Center at Hulu and give them a detailed report of your issue if none of the solutions provided above work. Wait for them to get back to you with a working solution.


In this article, we have detailed the solutions to your Hulu Chromecast not working and what causes it not to work. Follow one of the solutions and your issue will be resolved.

FAQs on How To Fix “Hulu Chromecast Not Working”

Your device may be out of date and may have an old software which may be interrupting with system operations including screen casting. In this case, you may want to update the software version if your device.

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