Does TikTok Notify Users When You Like And Unlike Their Videos?

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When you accidentally like someone’s video on the app and quickly unlike it does TikTok notify the person? No, TikTok will notification the person.

Do you know someone on TikTok offline and you watch their videos, or you are stalking your ex and you don’t want them to know that you watch their videos.

But you accidentally like their post, and then you quickly unlike their TikTok. Will TikTok notify when you like or unlike their video?

I tested this to see if someone will know when I unlike their TikTok after I have already liked it, I did it for a few seconds and the results came out.

In this article, you’ll learn whether notification goes away if you like and unlike a video on TikTok. And everything you need to know about liking and unliking TikTok videos.

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Will TikTok Send A Notification If You Like And Unlike A Video?

Yes, TikTok will send a notification immediately if you liked a video on the app, the notifications are sent to the person’s inbox.

And once you unlike the video after a few seconds the notification will not be removed, it will still be there.

The person will know that you have liked their video if she is from your backyard or your Ex with little or no followers or likes on the video.

And most importantly, TikTok doesn’t send notification on the Home screen like other social networks do: Twitter notification for example is sent directly to your Home screen. On TikTok, the person will need to check their Inbox.

But when the person is popular and you are not, well I’m pretty sure they won’t see that you have liked their video.

Because TikTok will always categorize that “this and that others liked your video”, just like Instagram. You can’t expect TikTok to send notifications for every like they get.

If You Unlike A Tiktok Video Does The Notification Go Away?

No, the notification won’t go away if you unlike a video you previously like on TikTok. The notification will be available in the person’s inbox.

In the notifications section, it will still show that you have liked it even though you’ve unliked it.

To make the liked notification disappear or be removed from the person’s Inbox, you will have to block them immediately after you unlike the TikTok video. You should unlike it immediately and hit the block button.

Once you block them the notification disappears completely. If you block the user quickly there’s a low chance of them ever knowing that you like their post.

You should know that once you unblock them the notification will reappear and there will know you have liked their video.

Instead make changes to your name, username, and profile picture before unblocking them, so they won’t know it is you.

What Happens If You Accidentally Like A TikTok?

TikTok will send the person a notification that you have liked one of their videos.

If you quickly unlike the TikTok video the notification will not be removed if it is already sent.

This happens even when you do it within seconds, and the only way out is to block the person and change your profile to something different.

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How To Prevent Accidentally Liking A TikTok?

Don’t touch the heart button on the screen, and removed your thumb from the screen once the video start playing.

If you can’t do that try using another account to disguise yourself into liking all the videos you want to like.

1. Don’t Look At The Like Button

This works, tried it several times, and just scroll to the next once you finish watching the video.

You don’t bother to check how many likes the video gets, or how many comments it has, you just want to watch and move on to the next.

But sometimes you do look at it. But the good thing is that always removed your thumb from the screen if you’re looking at it, it’s a good way to also prevent you from accidentally liking a TikTok video.

2. Don’t Touch Your Screen Once You Scroll Up

If you scroll up and watch a TikTok video, your thumbs should be not the screen, instead, you can put it on the side.

This also allows you to watch the video without your hands on the screen, thus preventing you from liking the video, again. Works well, if you can’t avoid looking at the likes on the TikTok videos.

3. Disguise If You Can’t Prevent It

Use another account to hide your true identity if you can’t hide from your original account.

And if you are the king of liking videos on TikTok, you can like all the hell you want even if it’s your neighbor in your backyard and all your Ex. Liking their videos won’t even bring a trace to you.

4. Using TikTok On A Wide Display

If you are so bad at keeping your fingers, and you can’t seem to just stop liking any video you see you can option for a wide screen display. By using a laptop on a computer you can avoid accidentally liking a video.


TikTok removing the notification from their inbox is impossible if it has already been sent to the person within that few seconds.

You have to be extremely fast to unlike the post if you don’t want the person to know you like video.

But to be one more safe side you should block them on your account as so as you unlike the video.

Then change your name, username, and profile picture, because once you unblock the person the notification will show again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If i unlike a post will they know?

No, they won’t know that you have unlike a post, because the Notification will still state that you have like one of their videos. TikTok doesn’t send notifications for the unlike post.

Does notification disappear if you unlike?

No, it doesn’t. To make the notification disappear once you unlike it, you should immediately blocked the person’s. This will removed the notification from their inbox.

How do you unlike all TikTok videos at once?

There is no way for you to unlike all the TikTok videos at once. TikTok has not developed something like that, and probably never will. You just have to do that yourself, one by one.

How to see videos you unliked on TikTok?

You can’t see videos that you have unlike on TikTok that is not possible, there is no way for you to see that. You can only see videos that you have liked on TikTok.

Can people see if you like a post then unlike?

No, people can not see if you like and then unlike the post. The notification will show that you like the post, but won’t show you have unlike it.

Does TikTok tell you who liked your video?

Yes, TikTok will tell you when someone like your video by sending you a notification. To check the people that have liked your video on the app. Go to the Inbox section at the bottom-right of your screen.

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