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As a regular customer at any of the over 1,600 Ross Stores scattered all across the U.S.A, you may be searching for a convenient way to carry out your transactions anytime you shop at Ross.

Perhaps you have set up your Apple Pay and may be wondering whether Ross Stores take Apple Pay or not.

In this article, you are going to learn whether Ross Stores take Apple Pay or not. You are also going to learn how to use payment services like Apple Pay to fund your transactions.

Do Ross Stores Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Ross Stores does accept Apple Pay. Apple Pay is listed among the many payment options that Ross Stores provides for its customers.

This is to make it very easy and convenient for all customers to purchase products from their stores.

You must note that Ross does not have an online app where you can shop online and so all transactions using Apple Pay must be conducted in the stores.

How To Use Apple Pay At Ross Stores

If you would like to use Apple Pay at a Ross store, follow this guide:

Step 1: Go to the checkout point

Once you are done with your shopping, move to the checkout point. If that particular Ross store accepts Apple Pay, there should be a contactless reader for you to use.

Step 2: Select Payment Method

To view the available cards or payment methods that you can use on Apple Pay, double-press the button on the right side of your iPhone. Tap on the card or payment method you wish to use.

Step 3: Authorise payment

If you are using a more advanced iPhone, you can use face recognition to authorize the transaction.

If face ID is not available for you, enter your passcode. You can also use Touch ID by placing your finger on the home button if your iPhone has that feature.

Step 4: Make Payment

Hold your iPhone near the contactless reader and wait for a ping sound or a checkmark to appear on the contactless reader. This completes your transaction.

Using Apple Watch

You can also carry out this transaction using your Apple watch.

Double-click the side button on your Apple watch to access your payment options. Scroll to choose a card.

Hold your Apple Watch within a few centimeters of the contactless card reader, with the display facing the reader. Wait for the ping sound or the check mark on the contactless reader.

How To Set Up Apple Pay

Before you can make any transaction with Apple Pay, you must first set it up. Setting up your Apple Pay requires you to add a card or a payment method to your Apple Pay to carry out transactions.

Step 1: Open Wallet

Open the “Wallet” app on your iPhone. Tap the + button at the top right corner.

Step 2: Add payment method

Tap Debit or Credit card to add a new card. Tap Continue. On the next page, place your card within the scanning area on your phone screen and scan your card.

Step 3: Complete bank verification

Follow the bank instructions and wait for a verification message from the bank.  And just like that, you have set up your Apple Pay.

You can also set up Apple Pay using your Apple Pay

Open the Apple Watch app on your phone. Select “Wallet & Apple Pay”. Select Add Card and follow the instructions to add your credit or debit card.

Why Use Apple Pay

People prefer to use Apple Pay because of how safe it is. Apple Pay is far safer than using physical cards.

Your card number and identity aren’t shared with merchants, and your actual card numbers aren’t stored on your device or Apple servers.

Apple Pay is also faster and more convenient to use. With just a few clicks of a button on your iPhone or Apple watch, you can pay for your stuff.

Presently, there are many online shops and companies which accept Apple Pay. You can make all your transactions in the comfort of your home.

It also makes checkouts faster when you buy things from a store.


Apple Pay is a very convenient way to pay for your things whether online or at a store. Ross Stores accept Apple Pay at their stores.

Once you have your Apple Pay set up, you can follow the guide provided in this article to pay for things you buy at Ross Stores.

FAQs on Does Ross Stores Take Apple Pay?

Several stores accept Apple Pay. Some of them are Bloomingdales, KFC, Trader Joe's, Walgreens, Target, Publix, etc. Ross stores are also included.

Yes, Ross and Marshalls are just a couple of stores that accept Apple Pay.

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