Does Facebook Messenger Show Active When You’re Not? (Answered)

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If you want to know whether Facebook Messenger shows Active even when you’re not active, this article is for you.

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging app developed by Meta, which is popular for its features, such as voice and video calling and sending messages.

Messenger has a feature known as Active Status that shows whether or not you are currently using Facebook or Messenger. This lets your friends know whether you are available to video chat or text.

In this article, you’ll learn whether Facebook Messenger shows active even when you’re not actively using the app.

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Does Facebook Messenger Show Active When You’re Not?

Unfortunately, there are times when Facebook Messenger shows Active even when you are not. There are several reasons why this may be happening.

The Active Status feature shows all your friends and connections on Facebook and Messenger that you are active.

This lets them know whether or not you are ready to interact with them. The Active Status is enabled automatically by Facebook Messenger.

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Why Messenger Show Active When You’re Not

Sometimes, you may appear recently active even if you have left the app. This may be because of several reasons and one of which is that it has been updated yet on the Facebook server.

Running In The Background

Firstly, Facebook Messenger may show that you are active when you’re not because it is running in the background.

You may have thought that you had left the app, but sometimes Facebook Messenger may just be running in the background, using data to show that you are online even when you are not.

You need to close the app to ensure that this does not happen.

Mobile Data Or Wi-Fi Is On

Another reason you are seen as active when you are not is that you are on your phone with your mobile data or WiFi on.

When your WIFI is on, even when you aren’t using Facebook or Messenger, the apps continue to send you messages and notifications, which leads you to be seen as active.

Using Facebook Or Messenger

Again, this may be because you are logged into both Facebook and Messenger at the same time.

Facebook and Messenger share the same domain, so there may be times when you are not even using Facebook, but your Status is active because you are using Messenger.

Using Another Device

Lastly, the Active Status showing when you are not active could be because you were using Facebook or Messenger on another device than your phone and forgot to log out.

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How To Disable The Active Status On Facebook  Messenger

A solution to Facebook Messenger showing active when you are not using the app is to disable the Active Status.

Disabling the Active Status means that your friends and other connections would not see that you are online and vice-versa.

To disable the Active Status on your Android or iPhone device.

Launch the Messenger App > Tap on the three lines at the top left> Tap on Settings [gear icon] > Tap on Active Status > Toggle off Active Status on Show when you’re active.

To disable the Active Status using your laptop

Log into the Messenger app in your web browser > Click on Settings in the upper left corner > Turn off Active Status next to the Show When Active button.


Sometimes you may not be active on Facebook Messenger, but it shows you are active.

This may be due to various reasons, like using another device, the internet connection is turned on, or the Facebook Messenger app running in the background.

The guide above has detailed the various reasons for this issue and how you can disable the Active Status option, so you do not face this issue again.

Frequently Asked Question

Why does Facebook Messenger show active when I’m not active?

Facebook Messenger may show that you are active when you are not using the app because it uses background processes to keep the app running, creating the impression that you are active.

How do I disable the Active Status on Facebook Messenger?

You need to open the app and toggle the Active Status off.

Can I select the people I want to see my Active Status?

No, you can’t select the people that you want them to see your Active Status. It’s not possible.

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