Dasher Direct Card Not Working? See Why & How To Fix It

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Have you ever run into a situation where your Dasher Direct card does not work or keeps getting declined, especially during a transaction? It can get frustrating.

There are times when your Dasher Direct card stops working and you wonder why the issue is happening and how to fix it fast.

This problem has been happening to a lot of users, some even claim they use the card once and it’s no longer working. With this guide, you’ll see the problem and how to fix it.

In this article, you’ll learn why your Dasher Direct Card is not working during a transaction. You’ll also learn what you can do to rectify the issue.

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Why Is My Dasher Direct Card Not Working?

There are many reasons why your Dasher Direct Card is not working. Your Dasher Direct Card may not be working because your card has not been activated.

1. Not Activated

When you first receive your Dasher Direct Card, it does not come preactivated as a credit card does.

You need to activate the card yourself, or you will not be able to perform any transactions using the card.

2. Debit Pre-Authorisation

Another reason may be due to something known as Debit Pre-Authorisation. This means that a certain amount is held as a claim and will only be released when the transaction has been settled between Dasher Direct and the service provider.

For example, if you want to buy gas for $20, you would need at least $95 on your Dasher Direct card to pay for gas at the gas station since the pre-authorization amount is $75.

If you do not have the $95 on your card, you will likely see an error message, and your card will not work.

3. Wrong Payment Method

Again, your card may not work because you may choose the wrong payment method during a transaction.

If you use the Dasher red card, make sure to remember that the Dasher red card is a credit card, as such, you need to select credit and not debit when making a payment.

4. Insufficient Funds

Another possible reason your Dasher card is not working may be that you have insufficient funds.

Ensure that you have sufficient money when making a transaction using the Dasher Direct card; otherwise, you will get error messages.

5. Dasher Direct App Is Outdated

Lastly, your Dasher Direct Card may not work because your Dasher Direct App is outdated.

DoorDash is constantly releasing updates for the Dasher Direct application to fix the common bugs users encounter when using the app to carry out transactions and payments, your Dasher Direct App may need an update to work correctly.

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How To Fix Dasher Direct Card Not Working

Since you know the reasons why your Direct Dash Card is not working, see the fix you can use to make your Direct Card start working again.

Fix 1: Activate Your Card

You need to activate your card even after receiving it since it is not pre-activated. Follow the steps below to do so.

Not Yet Login

If you haven’t logged into the Dasher Direct App yet, here’s how to get started and activate your card for use.

Step 1: Install Dasher App

Go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and download the Dasher app, then tap on Get Started and follow the instructions to activate the card

Step 2: Scan The QR Code

Scan the QR code on the front of the instructions that came with your Dasher Direct card and create a PIN for your new Dasher Direct card.

Already Login

If you have logged into the Dasher Direct App before, but haven’t activated the card, here’s how you can do it

Step 1: Open Dasher App

Open the Dasher Direct on your phone, and from the main menu, tap Manage Card, and then tap Activate Card.

Step 2: Scan The QR Code

Scan the QR code on the front of the instructions that came with your Dasher Direct card and create a PIN for your Dasher Direct card

Always remember to keep your PIN secure, do not write it down or share it with anyone.

Fix 2: Update Your Dasher Direct App

For your Dasher Direct card to work, you must ensure that the app is always up to date.

An outdated Dasher app may not work as expected. Follow the simple guidelines to update your Dasher card.

For Android: Open the Google Play Store app on your phone > Search the Facebook App > Tap Update.

For iPhone: Open App Store on your phone > Search for the Facebook App > Tap Update

Fix 3: Ensure That You Have Sufficient Funds Before Making Any Transaction

Before making any transaction, ensure that you have sufficient funds. You can only make payments with the available amount in your account.

Before making payment, make sure you have an extra $75 in your Dasher Direct Card, if you don’t you might see the card declined.

Fix 4: Select Credit Card Payment Option

When a card is required, the Dasher Direct app will ask you to pay with the red card or place an order.

When you choose to pay with a red card, you need to make sure that you select credit and not debit. If you select debit, you will get error messages.


If your Dasher Direct Card is not working, this guide has shown how you can fix it.
DoorDash also provides enough resources to guide you on any issue so that you can consult DoorDash Customer Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Isn’t My Dasher Card Working?

It is not working because you need to activate your card or have insufficient funds.

Why Does My Dasher Direct Card Decline?

It declines because your Dasher Direct app may need to be updated or you still need to activate your card.

How Do I Reactivate My Dasher Direct Card?

If you have already logged into the Dasher Direct app: From the main menu, tap ‘Manage card’ and then tap Activate your card. Manually enter the card’s last four digits and expiration date or scan the square QR code on the front of the instructions that came with your Dasher Direct card.

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