How To Contact TikTok Support 2023 (3 Ways To Reach Support Team)

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If you’re looking for how to contact TikTok Support to help you solve a problem or you’re trying to get back to your account after being suspended.

There are three different ways you can use to reach out to the TikTok support team to fix your issue. Only do this if you don’t see any solution to the problem you’re facing.

You can reach TikTok through the feedback form, email or tag them on Twitter, or use their website to submit a complaint.

In this article, you’ll learn how to contact TikTok Support with your Android and iOS device. You’ll know the different options you can use.

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How To Contact TikTok Support

The first thing you should know is that TikTok doesn’t offer support for problems that you can easily solve. You won’t even get a reply.

If you’re banned on TikTok or suspended for something you know nothing about, you may be able to talk to them.

You can’t contact TikTok via their app, you can only report a problem. The only way to contact TikTok is via their Twitter handle, sending an email, or filling out a feedback form.

Before reaching out, check if you can fix the TikTok problem, and if TikTok is not working, this is what you need to do to fix it.

These are the only ways you can reach the TikTok support team to get in touch with them about your issue on the app or your account.

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Contact TikTok Support With Twitter

If you’re trying to reach TikTok support, you can use their Twitter Support handle to reach them. All you have to do is message or tag them in a post.

Since their support team is constantly using Twitter, the fastest way to get a reply is by tweeting and mentioning their support handle.

You can also message them on the app if you don’t want to tweet them out and you may get a reply.

Use @TikTokSupport on Twitter for help and you’ll get someone running to answer you.

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Contact TikTok Support From Using Email

You can easily contact TikTok if you’re a creator or if your account has been suspended or deleted.

But you won’t always get a reply, you may never get one. The email is not there to fix problems. As there say “problem nor dey finish” online ??.

So if you’re a creator and serious about the work you do on the app, and want to discuss business or support related to your account. Here’s how you can contact them.

General Addresses:

If you aren’t that big on the app, your account has issues like being suspended or deleted you can reach them from the app once you see the notice.

They’ll always give you a chance to contact them. For an instant, if you were banned, you’ll be given a chance to contact their Support, because the banned may be a mistake.

So if the email address is not in the category of the problem you want to message them for, you should use the Feedback Form.

This is better for people who always complain, have something to talk about, have a bug on the app, or something that is not working properly.

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Contact TikTok Support With Feedback Form

If you want to reach TikTok support, you can contact them through their feedback form on the web.

Go to the TikTok Feedback page on your web browser, and you’ll see “Tell us about a problem you’d like to report or feedback.”

Well, it means you can report a problem that may have happened to your account.

Filled the form by entering your email address, your username, and the topic the problem falls under. And state how TikTok can help solve the problem you’re facing.

On the topic, you can select Account ban/suspension, Report a bug or an underage user, and many others.

Then add any image if you have one and tick to confirm the statement below. Then tap on Submit.

Well, if you’re not banned on TikTok, and just want to report a problem on the app to their support. You can also use the app, see how to do it below.

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Report A Problem On The TikTok App

If you have an account on the app, and you’re not logged out of your account, you can use the TikTok app to report a problem to their support team.

Open TikTok > Go to your TikTok profile > Tap the three horizontal lines > Tap Settings and privacy > Tap on Privacy > Scroll down and tap on Report a problem under SUPPORT.

Step 1: Open TikTok

Open the TikTok app on your mobile phone and tap on Profile at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 2: Tap Settings And Privacy

From your profile page, tap the three lines at the top right and tap on Settings and privacy from the menu. 

Step 3: Tap Report A Problem

On the Settings page, scroll down to the “Support” section and tap on Report a problem. You’ll see different things you can report on, choose one.

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When Will I Hear Back From TikTok Customer Service?

Well, you may never hear back from TikTok if the problem is something anyone can easily fix. And there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a reply.

But submitting a form will allow them to look into the issue and if it’s something worthwhile you will get a response, probably within 1-3 days.


TikTok doesn’t provide a phone number for you to contact them, if you have a problem with your account or the app you can send feedback.

You can also use the form to report an account, talk to them about the creator funds, and many other topics.

You can also use any of their emails to reach the team on the specific topic. If you have a problem and want to get a faster response, you should consider using Twitter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the fastest way to contact TikTok Support?

The fastest way to contact TikTok support is through their social media handle on Twitter. You can reach them on their Twitter Support page.

Can I call the TikTok Support Team?

No, you’ll not be able to make a phone call to the TikTok support team. The only way you can reach TikTok support is through email, feedback form and their support Twitter handle.

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