How To Check Hidden Replies On Twitter (See Hidden Comments)

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Have you gone to Twitter only to check the replies on a certain post and you’re not seeing them? It is interesting viewing replies on Twitter unless it is hidden.

Most of the time, some people hide the replies to their tweets for various reasons which are mostly known to them.

This can be because of bullying, cussing, or abusing the person that has tweeted the tweet. This made them hide the reply.

In this article, you’ll learn how to check hidden replies on Twitter. You’ll also know why Twitter users hide replies on Twitter.

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Why Do People Hide Replies on Twitter?

Since Twitter is a public platform and everyone has the freedom of speech, people use this opportunity to be mean and rude. They make malicious remarks which are unnecessary.

To avoid giving traction to such users, the main tweeters can decide to hide their comments, thereby preventing people from seeing them.

You can also hide replies on Twitter using the simple guideline.

Open the Twitter App > Select the tweet that has the unwanted reply > Locate the reply and tap the “…” > “Hide reply

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How To Check Hidden Replies On Twitter

It is most annoying when you need to read the comments on a post but they are not complete.

The ability to hide a tweet is a new feature that Twitter has implemented to give users more control over their posts.

There is one way to check the hidden replies on a post whether you are using a PC, an Android, or an iPhone.

Step 1: Open Twitter

Open the Twitter App on your Android or iPhone device, and if you are using a PC, access Twitter through your preferred web browser.

Step 2: Log In To Your Account

On the log-in page that will open up, enter your credentials (i.e., username and password) to access your account. If you do not have an account, follow the prompts to create one

Step 3: Select The Desired Tweet

A tweet can either be just words or media with or without a caption. After you have successfully logged in, just scroll to your Twitter feed and locate the tweet you want to see the hidden replies.

Step 4: Click On Hidden Replies Icon

Select the tweet to bring up the comments below and right underneath the post, there is a minuscule icon.

The hidden replies icon at the bottom right of a tweet. When you tap on the icon it will bring up the replies which have been hidden by the user.

Alternatively, you can select the three little dots beside the post and select View Hidden Replies to bring up the hidden replies.


Hiding tweets is a feature that was introduced on Twitter in 2019 as an initiative against cyberbullying.

This feature has worked so far as it has curbed the number of wrongful and offensive tweets to which people comment.

Once you tweet and people comment, the choice is up to you on whether to hide their tweets or not.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can people see replies you hide on Twitter?

Yes, if they click on the hidden replies tab
How do you view all replies to a tweet?
Click on the desired tweet to check all comments and replies.

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