How To Change Timezone On Facebook Event (The Best Way)

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Have you tried planning an event using Facebook for the time zone to be wrong, causing you to go out of schedule?

If you want to know how to change the timezone on Facebook Events to ensure your activities go as planned, this article is definitely for you.

Facebook is another popular social media site used for messaging, sharing pictures and videos, and recently planning events. However, at times your Facebook Events could display the wrong times.

In this article, you’ll learn how to change the timezone on a Facebook event so you can plan for your events without a hitch.

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What Is A Facebook Event?

Facebook event is a tool that allows users to dedicate pages to planning and creating events.

On those pages, guests can view the event’s details, including the time and venue, and they can also RSVP and engage with other guests.

Facebook events can be used to plan for online and in-person meetings, and it helps planners to see the turnout for their events and promote the event on Facebook.

To create a Facebook event:

Log into your Facebook account > Click on your Profile > Click on see profiles and select a Page > Click Events on the left menu > Click on Create New Event > Fill in the necessary details about the event > Click Create event again to confirm.

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Why Is Facebook Event Showing The Wrong Time?

The main reason why your Facebook event is showing the wrong Time is that the device you are using to create the event has the wrong timezone.

If your device has an incorrect time zone, this affects the time zone on the Facebook app because your device’s time zone is in sync with that of the Facebook app.

You need to adjust your device’s time zone for the Facebook Event to display the right Time.

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How To Change Timezone On Facebook Event

To change the timezone on Facebook Events, there are some fixes you should follow. These fixes can be applied to both phones and laptops.

Change The Timezone On Your Phone

This fix applies to both iPhone and Android users. To change the timezone on your iPhone:

Open the Settings App > Tap on General > Tap on Date and Time > Turn off the Set Automatically option > Tap the drop-down button below it and pick the correct timezone.

If you’re using an Android device, here’s how to change the timezone of your phone.

Open Settings app > Tap on System > Tap on Date & time > Toggle off network-provided time zone > Tap on Time Zone > Tap on Region and select the timezone you want.

Once you pick the correct time zone, Facebook Events will automatically display the new timezone.

Make sure to pick the time zone that corresponds to your Facebook event’s location.

Change The Timezone On Your PC

Log out of Facebook from your web browser by clicking on the profile icon and clicking on the Log out button.

To change the Timezone on Your computer:

Step 1:  Open Time & Date

Right-click on the Time and Clock button at the bottom right of your Taskbar’s System Tray

Step 2: Select Adjust Date and Time

Choose the Adjust Date and Time option and turn off the option to “Set the time zone automatically“.

Step 3: Select Time Zone

Click on the Time Zone button, and choose the correct time zone from the drop-down menu

Log into your Facebook account from your web browser. You will notice that Facebook events have automatically been updated to the correct timezone.

Change The Timezone On Facebook Events

This fix works whether you are using a phone or a laptop. To change the Time zone on Facebook Events directly:

Go to the page of the Facebook Event, at the top right > Tap on the Edit button and select the appropriate time zone from the options displayed.

The timezone is then automatically updated once you do this.


Facebook Event is a feature on Facebook that is helpful in event management for online and in-person gatherings.

The time must be accurate when setting up an event so that the event is scheduled appropriately.

Sometimes, the time zone may be wrong, but do not worry. This article has detailed the steps to take to change the timezone of a Facebook event, so people show up at the right Time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What time zone does Facebook use?

Facebook uses Pacific Time (PT) which is eight hours from the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC – 8:00).

Can I change the location of an event on Facebook?

Yes, you can. To change the location, go to the page of the event and tap on the Location tab. From the list of options, select a new location.

Why is My Facebook Event off by an hour?

This sometimes happens when you live in a country that follows Daylight Savings Time (DST). Daylight Savings Time occurs every March and November, so Facebook may delay the time by an hour. To correct this, you can change the timezone directly from the Events page.

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