How To Transfer Google Authenticator To A New Phone

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Google Authenticator
Google Authenticator

Want the Google authenticator app on a new phone, you can’t go wrong with our guide. Google authenticator help in protecting your account online.

When you want to get access to an account that you do not own you’ll be restricted by a two-factor authentication process, which is one of the best ways to keep your account secure even if someone has your password.

So by using an authentication app you’re protecting your account and preventing just anybody from gaining access to the account. You can either scan a QR code, have a code texted to you, or rather get the code n your authentication app.

If by any means you couldn’t find the phone you can use the backup code that was given to you when you were setting up your app or you can use the QR code. You can import your Google Authentication account to a new phone in other to avoid being lockout.

So to quickly get away from the issue of not gaining access to your account when you change your phone — you’ll have to move Google Authenticator to a new phone.


Transfer Google authenticator

Here is how you can transfer your Google authenticator account to a new phone — you need a computer and your new phone to do this.

1. Download and Install the Google Authenticator app on your new Android or iPhone, and sign in to the app using your Google account. You can download the Google Authenticator app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2. Open the two-step authenticator page on a PC or Mac browser — just make sure it’s a computer browser and log in with your Google account. Click on “Move to a different phone.”

3. Click on change phone and select either Android or iPhone — the phone you’re currently using and then click “Continue.” On the next page, it will display a barcode on your computer screen.

4. Open the Google Authenticator app on your new phone and begin setup when prompted tap “Scan a barcode” and scan the barcode on your computer with the new phone.

5. After you scan the barcode, a six-digit will be sent to your Google Authenticator app on your new phone. Enter the code on your computer and click on “Verify.”

Once you verify — you’ll be able to accept and declined access to any account that Google Authenticator is connected to within your new phone.

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