How To Set Up Your Emergency Information On Android Phone

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Medical ID and Emergency information
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Just cut off the settings it’s useless, I know right. Nah you can’t. If anything happens to you, responders are going to go through your phone to see if they can get your emergency contacts or medical information for your health.

For all your device features, this is one of the most important, and yet the feature isn’t widely known. And this can be very important for people with medical challenges.

Emergency contacts can help someone in a difficult state. They might get into an accident or incurs a serious injury, and since you might not be able to get into their phone because of the passcode their emergency contacts might help you reach out to the special contacts.

People might not know how to get to the emergency contact or medical information, but every ordeal personnel trained will know how to check for your medical information and emergency contacts.

So if you don’t know how to set up your emergency contacts and medical information here is how you can set it up on your Android phone.

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How to set up emergency contacts on Android

I know we have many Android devices, but it is quite similar for all Android phones. Here are the steps to set up your emergency contact and medical information.

1. On your Android phone, go to your settings and tap on My phone at the top. Or you can search for “Emergency information” from the search bar.

How to set up your emergency information

2. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on the Emergency information, it will take you to the section of the page.

How to set up your emergency contacts

3. On the Emergency information page, you can add your medical information and your emergency contacts.

How to set up your medical information

4. Tap on Name, and enter your Full name. Click on Add information to add some medical info.

How to set up your emergency contacts on Android

5. Tap on Add contact and select contact from your contact app.

How to set up your emergency information on Android

Okay, you now know how to set up your emergency information on your Android phone.

To see if what you have entered is working, lock your Android phone and press the power key, when prompted to enter your password click on “Emergency,” and then click on Emergency information. You’ll see your medical information and Emergency contact.

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How to Find emergency info on Android

  1. From the lock screen, swipe up.
  2. Select Emergency.
  3. Select Emergency Information.

As long as the person has entered his emergency information you should be able to see all the medical information and emergency contacts.

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