At Techvocast, our Deals team scours the Internet for discounts on gear and gadgets that our writers have vetted through usage and testing. Even if we haven’t tested the product yet, we do post the product if it’s interesting. Most of the deals we recommend are not only things we’ve tested ourselves, but also items that emerged as the best of the best in their categories.

Our favourite picks

Who doesn’t have a favorite gadget or service that they love using? because we do, and we want to share it with you. Our Deals team scours the web every day to find the best product and service that meets our standards and price discount.

Techvocast picks are based on facts, reviews, and reports we’ve seen. We also post deals that are dim-worthy if we’ve seen it make sense, and it’s useful. Our best gadgets and services are all you need to make a perfect choice.

We find the best price

We don’t use the manufacturer price on our deals page, we only find deals that are below the based price. It’s the discount price for a product. We see the normal price of a product every day, but we are constantly looking for the best-discounted price that offers discounts of more than 5%. If an item is $100, and there is a discount of 5% the price will be reduced to $95 or less if the discount says 10% or more.

We’ve seen some wonderful products and services that have very good discounts and holiday deals, like the Microsoft Xbox game pass ultimate deal; going for $1 for three months, and the normal price is $14.99 per month. You can see that it is a very good discount (93%), and this is why we’re awake to recommend better products and services with a very good discount. Our discount price will not be as much the same as the manufacturer’s price, that is why we scour the internet hard for you.

Don’t fall for fake deals

When we share a deal, it’s at a substantially better price than you’d find by doing a typical Internet search. We strive to hold our deals to a very high standard: the best price we’ve seen in the past 90 days. We do the vetting for you. We only post deals from stores or sellers. We’d be comfortable recommending it to a friend.

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