10 Best Apps For Live Streaming On Android And iOS Screen

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Stream your screen and share your gameplay or tutorials using your smartphone. Live streaming is one of the biggest features of the social internet, and anyone can go live and share what there love most. Live streaming apps now let you stream your screen to social sites and video sites like YouTube.

Streaming your Android screen is common with gamers, and people that want to teach live tutorials. Although, many use computer software to achieve this after screen casting their screen to their computer.

Now with the available apps, you don’t need to cast your screen on your desktop to live stream your screen, instead, you can choose from 10 of the best apps that will help you do that.

These apps let you live stream to different platforms, and some let you stream to all the sites at an instance. You can live stream to your Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Twitch channel. We’ve outlined some of the best apps that allow you to live stream your gameplay or tutorial for free.

1. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is a screen recorder app for Android that lets you record anything on your screen.

The app lets you record high-quality video with their screen recording features, you can record your screen and share it on other sites. AZ allows you to edit photos and videos, create GIFs, and live stream many sites at the same time.

AZ Screen Recorder allows you to live stream your screen while gaming or doing tutorials. You can use your brand logo while live streaming. AZ supports RTMP, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch streaming.


2. Larix Broadcaster

Larix Broadcaster is a screen streaming app that lets you live stream Android and iOS device screens. The app boasts a broad range of features to help you quickly stream your content using just your mobile device.

Larix support both RTMP and RTSP publishing with a live stream to multiple services like YouTube and Twitch.

The app also supports adaptive video bitrate supported in three modes: logarithmic descend, ladder ascends, and hybrid approach


3. Mirrativ

Screen live streaming for Android — Mirrativ

Mirrativ is a live streaming app for Android that lets you stream your gameplay to your audience on YouTube and Twitch.

The helps you record your entire screen and live stream whatever you do with your phone. Playing games or browsing and showing your audience, chatting, and more.

On Android and iOS if you want to stream to your Twitch or YouTube channel while playing Call of Duty Mobile, or PUBG you can use the app. You can stream to multiple channels at the same time and the app support RTMP.


4. Mobizen Live Stream for YouTube

Mobizen is a screen recorder that has a separate app for live streaming your screen to video content sites like YouTube. If you want to showcase your gameplay or teach a tutorial online you can use Mobizen Live Stream for YouTube.

Mobizen Live stream app lets you stream your screen to YouTube for free, you can stream your mobile screen live or your camera.

The app supports real-time chatting and face cam support, you can make your stream private or public, hide or expose chatting mode, and turn off face cam.


5. Twitch

Live stream your Android screen — Twitch

Unlike other screen live-streaming app on this list Twitch is a gaming platform that allows gamer’s upload and live their gaming content, the app lets you record your screen.

With Twitch you can live stream your Android or iOS screen. Twitch is made only for gaming and it’s the first mobile broadcasting app for Android smartphones.

The app lets you video capture and stream gameplay from Android devices. Video capture from the front-facing camera (facecam), audio capture using an internal or external microphone. You can hide the controls of the gameplay and camera view or mute audio all during live streaming.


6. Omni Screen Recorder

The Omni Screen Recorder is a free screen recorder for Android that helps you record high-quality screen videos and also helps you live stream and broadcast your video. If you want to record or live-stream your Android screen to YouTube and other apps Omni can help you do that.

Omni also come with lots of features such as screen capture, video recorder, video editor. The app supports multiple live stream screen to YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook, with a face cam supported. You can also decide to use RTMP for streaming through the app.


7. Screensync – Screen Recorder, Vid Editor, Live Pro 

If you want to live stream your screen on YouTube while playing Fornite you can use Screensync which produces high-quality video, you can also set the frame and bit rate.

Screensync lets you screen record and lives stream, it comes with different features.

The app allows record or live streaming of all of your gameplay to your favorite content video site. You can stream to YouTube or Facebook with high quality, the app also supports face cam.


8. Screen Stream Mirroring

Stream Android screen — Screen Stream Mirroring

The Screen stream mirror app lets you stream your Android phone’s screen to Twitch or YouTube, or mirror it to a PC or another device. The app has a lot of options with features and settings, simple to get started with, download the app and stream live.


9. Mobcrush

Live stream Android screen — Mobcrush

If you’re a game freak you might find a match to challenge you on Mobcrush. This might be your tournament daily load, play tournament with gamers by live streaming your screen for everyone to watch. Mobcrush allows you to screen record and let you broadcast your gameplay online.

Mobcrush does not just stream gameplay, you can also watch tournaments and events and make friends with other mobile gamers; all from your phone, Mobcrush lets you broadcast and stream to YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook, which supports facecam.


Now you know how to live stream your Android and iOS screen, stream your gameplay and share the epic moment with your friends and family. If you’re doing a live session you can use one of these apps listed above.

Most of the apps here support RMPT, you can use this with YouTube or a social platform like Facebook. Instead of connecting it directly with the email associated with the account, you can use RMPT.

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