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Want to share your best moment with your friends using your phone but don’t know-how. With the best screen recorder app, you can record high-resolution video without rooting or breaking your device.

The apps listed here are for a smartphone that doesn’t support or come with an in-built screen recorder. If you use an older Android version without an in-built screen recorder you can still record your screen with these best screen recorder apps for Android.

Most new Android device now comes with a screen recorder built-in that allows you to record your screen. Android version from 9 allows this; depending on your phone manufacturer. But that’s isn’t the problem.

Most in-built phone screen recorder doesn’t come with features. They’re just plain recorders that record on-screen. With the best screen recording apps for Android, you can record specified resolution, quality, face cam, and even more.

You can choose from several screen recording apps, and you should know that not all apps are free. Every screen recorder app performs different or similar functions.

These apps record everything on the screen and even let you record your voice, face cam, and live stream Android screen. With customizable resolution, and features that will let you record better here are the 11 best Android screen recorder apps.

1. AZ Screen Recorder

One of the best Android screen recorders that I love using is the AZ recorder, it has a lot of different features from turning a video into GIf and more. The app is more than a screen recorder.

You can go live on air using the AZ Screen Recorder, recording your screen, and even editing your video after you finish recording your screen. You can use your camera to personalize your recording, and you can remove the AZ watermark if you want.

Screen recorders for Android with lots of features are not often free, and AZ just gave you that almost all the basic features let you do things you can’t in your in-built phone recorder.

You can live stream your screen to YouTube and gaming platforms like Twitch. All in all the same they’ve to limit some features for the pros, like magic button and ad-removal and you can get the premium at $2.99.


2. Mobizen Screen Recorder

This is one of the best screen recorder apps for Android. Mobizen is an easy-to-use — convenient screen recorder that allows you to record, capture and edit any record you’ve made.

It has a lot of free features, you can capture your reactions while recording, capture game sound, your voice with face cam! and more with no watermark.

Just like AZ, Mobizen comes with an editing feature that lets you edit videos you’ve recorder. If you want to make a tutorial, do a gameplay video for an audience, Mobizen can help you achieve that. With no watermark on the screen, you can stay authentic and start creating what you do best.


3. XRecorder

XRecorder has topped the chart as one of the best screen recording apps on Android, and it’s free and works well without root, it provides high-quality video for Android. It also has a lot of free features such as video editing, doing live stream, face cam, and more.

XRecorder has no recording time limit and provides over 20 languages. With XRecorder you can also set the resolution and the quality of your video.

XRecorder is free, that’s why it’s ad-supported and it comes with the features you could need and not even use. XRecorder doesn’t require you to go premium before removing their watermark, and it doesn’t limit how long you record, except of course you have a limited amount of storage space; so make sure you get some before recording.


4. Rec

Rec is one of the spotless screen recorder interfaces which provides beautiful screen recording, providing untethered, full flexible configurable screen recording capabilit1ies for your Android. You need to upgrade to show the screen touches and for recording microphone audio.

If your device is running Android 4.4, Rec. requires your device to be rooted to do its magic. Rec will work seamlessly, without root, on Android 5.0+.


5. SRecorder

SRecorder is a simple and HD screen recorder for Android. With SRecorder you can record gaming videos, tutorials, movies from your phone screen very easily.

SRecorder can also help you capture screenshots with just one tap and live stream your phone screen on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

If you want to record your gameplay with sound, SRecorder can help you record your screen with a voice changer. The app can record your screen with different voice effects, such as a robot, kid, monster, etc. If your Android version is 10, you can record the screen with internal audio.

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6. Screen Recorder – free no Ads

Screen Recorder, as the name implied — is an app that lets you easily record your Android screen and take screenshots anywhere. This app comes with a lot of features with its support for multiple languages, editing screen record video, record audio, support face cam, inserting your logo image or text.

The app is free and doesn’t come with a watermark or require you to root your device.

With its feature base, you can set up your recording resolution which includes various frame rates up to 60fps. With the highest rate, you can get the most decent recording. One of the most amazing features of the app is that it comes with support for in-built audio recording unlike the rest, and it also has an option to switch to a microphone.


7. Vidma

Vidma is a free screen recorder no root required, capture your mobile screen in video formats with or without a front camera. Using the front camera will help you capture your video and also the mobile screen recording at the same time.

Capture highlights in one tap! Vidma Recorder is an all-in-one free screen recorder and video editor! Use Vidma Screen Recorder to record video without a time limit! Record and share your videos with Vidma Screen Recorder!


8. Super Screen Recorder

Just like every other screen recording apps listed here, Super Screen Recorder isn’t just a screen recorder but an app that lets you showcase your brand while recording.

Without editing your logo, you can enable watermark and upload your logo to always snow while recording your tutorial or gameplay. Super Screen Recorder comes with a simple-to-use interface.

With their video editing feature, you can quickly edit your record and make a quick amendment and add some touches to it, if you’ve enough storage space you could be recording forever.

You can set up the recording resolution to higher quality. The support face cam and is also a GIF Maker, you can create GIFs from screen records you’ve made.


9. ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder offers you to record your phone’s screen with two different engines, and the screen recording app doesn’t contain a watermark and also allows you to insert your logo, or use text.

While recording, you can use both the front and the rear cameras for the face cam. Also, it allows you to pause while recording.

ADV offers the same similar features as other screen recording apps. The app lets you get a stand and set your tutorial, gameplay running. You can record your screen in high resolution from 240p to 720p. With a higher bit rate and frame rate up to 15Mbps to 60Fps. With both internal and external audio recording supported.


10. Twitch

Twitch can allow you to record your gameplay. If you’re a gamer and want to record your gameplay you can do so with the Twitch mobile app on your Android phone.

The app can also let you live stream your screen to Twitch, and enable you to save the video you’ve recorder. Twitch is a popular gaming application owned by Amazon.

Twitch’s in-built recording-streaming features are just a part of the app that lets gamers record games and upload on the platform. The recording feature allows you to record audio with an internal or external mic.


11. Google Play Games

If you’re a gamer this is for you, if you just want to record your gameplay, Play Games can help you do that. Google Play Games can also record other apps. The recording feature is an in-built function that works on many new mobile Android devices. If you’ve an older Android version you won’t be able to use the app.

Google Play Games isn’t available for all countries, and the video resolution is up to 720p. The app comes with an ad-free experience. The Play Games app can only be used to record apps, before you begin recording you must open the app from The Google Play Games app.


Record screen on Android without app

Without any Android app, you can record your screen. If you don’t want to install any apps and you have the latest Android version you can use the inbuilt phone recorder to start recording your screen. For some device manufacturers, you can easily see the screen recorder once you slide down your settings tray.

These screen recorder apps have most or similar features, but some are amazing, like the AZ Screen Recorder, and sometimes the XRecorder and you know some of the apps here have premium to get some of the ad-free experience with added features.

But if you’re looking for a simple recorder you can use your built-in phone recorder only if you’re using the latest Android version; from 9 up.

That’s a warp, if you find the list of best Android screen recorder apps helpful? Don’t forget to share your views in the comments, and if we missed any screen recording app for Android drop a comment, and keep reading Techvocast for more informative articles. And don’t forget to share this with someone, sharing is caring.

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