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Here is How you can transfer your apps to your new Android phone

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You just got a new Android phone, which mean you'll be transferring all of your apps and content to your new Android phone. With the latest Android device transferring your Apps from your old Android phone to a new one can't just be done using manual method. Google and other thirds party app found a lucrative way for transferring and restoring your content.

Although many find the manual method useful and self reliance without going through step. But what did you not know is the app file, using manual method can get you to lose your app file. And make your lose your app data, except it's store in cloud.

The step for transferring your apps to a new Android device may be differ for each phone manufacturer, and you should know that this feature is only available for newer Android version. So if all we mentioned here is not available, then you can use a third party app.

Google Android Backup 

Google tools are just too awesome, with the privilege of providing free cloud space to save online it couldn't be much easier. With your Google account you can back up your content, including apps. You’ll need to enabled Google Backup on your old device before you make any transfers.

Before you can backup your apps you need to toggle on the Google backup mode on. Go to "Settings" in your Android device. You can access your settings from the menu or from the notification bar.

Next, scroll down and tap on the "System" you'll see other option, tap on "Backup". This option may be different from each other manufacturer. Some will have the option has "Accounts and Backup" and others will have it has “Backup and Restore”. On my phone here it appear as "Backup."

Tap on “Backup” and ensure it's toggled on and then select the “Google Account” you want the your phone content to backup to. Make sure “Back Up to Google Drive” is toggled on and tap “Back Up Now” to ensure your apps are completely backed up.

Once you ensure that your apps are completely backup in the cloud, you can then transfer the app to your new Android phone. So if you got a new phone or you factory reset your device, here is how you can transfer the app in your old phone to a new one.

So, you shouldn't be so clumsy that the instructions here doesn't match with your phone. The instructions will be different or not applicable to all Android manufacturer on different Android device.

So if you get these right, let transfer your app to your new Android phone. Power on your new device and follow any all instructions until you’re given the option to restore your data.

Choose “Backup from Cloud” to begin the process. On the next screen, you'll be asked to sign in to your Google account, so, remember to sign in to the Google account your backup with.

You will see a list of recent backups from the Android devices linked to your Google account after successfully sign in. Tap backup from whichever device you want to restore. And then you’ll be given a list of content you would like to restore. This include your apps, device settings and contacts, so tap the checkbox next to it and then tap on “Restore.”

Once the restoration is complete, your apps will be transferred to your new device from your Google Drive backup.

Using third-party apps

The most prominent way to transfer your apps to your new Android device is through the built-in Google Backup. But if your device doesn't apply to it you can still use a third-party apps if available for your device.

The third-party apps that allow you to transfer your app from your old to a new a Android device is just like the Google Backup method. And these App are available from the Google Play Store. Most of the Apps restore are built by the phone manufacturer.

Some of the manufacturer who offer the "Backup Restore Content" are Samsung, LG and Huawei. You can download the app from the Google Play Store —Samsung Smart SwitchLG Mobile Switch and Huawei Backup. Other third-party apps, like Helium also allow you to transfer your apps to a new Android device but might slightly work for some device.

Google Play Store App Library

So, it pretty simple to restore your content from your previous phone. And if you've already complete the setup of your phone without restoring the app, they is another option you can try. So if you download apps from Google store, you can look at what apps you have previously installed using your Google account.

Open the Google Play Store app and tap on the menu in the top-left corner. Tap “My Apps and Games.” Listed in the library tab will be devices “Not on This Device.” Tap “Install”. This will install all apps you have previously install on your old device.