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Here is how you can track your iPhone

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After buying an iPhone just two weeks before now, it went missing, and you know what kind of feeling you get when your phone goes missing, is a pain, and mostly if you have important information on your local storage.

If you don't know how to get the phone back, you can block the device or track the phone using Find My Device feature. This feature allows you to easily track down your lost device, lock or erase the phone so no one will be able to access your information.

So before you know how to track any lost iPhone device, you need to turn to Find My iPhone on before the device gets lost. Without the Find My iPhone turn on you can't Find Your Device.

First will need to turn on Find My iPhone 

Open your iPhone settings. Tap on your name at the top of settings, scroll down and tap on iCloud, scroll down and tap Find My iPhone. Toggle on the Find My iPhone. You can enable it to send the last location. This feature will send you your phone's last location before the battery dies.

So, once your iPhone is stolen you have it all set up and then you can find your lost phone.

Finding a lost Phone 

Perhaps your iPhone goes missing you can quickly track it if you notice it fast enough, but that when you have turned the Find My iPhone on. So there are two ways for you to do this. it either via or using the Find My iPhone app on any of Apple devices.

When using a web browser or the Find My iPhone App, the step is probably the same. And most of the feature in Find My iPhone is the same for Android Find My Device.

Open your web browser, go to or launch the Find My iPhone app, sign in with your iCloud account — this should be the same iCloud account that you're logged into on your lost iPhone, click the Find My iPhone icon and click All Devices menu at the top. Select the iOS device that's missing.

Use the map controls to pan around and zoom in on the phone's location, just as you would in any mapping application.

In the iOS app, tap Actions to bring up a menu of options. Tap the Play Sound button to have your iPhone sound an alert (even if it's currently muted). If the phone is well and truly lost, tap the Lost Mode button to make sure it's locked down. In the iOS app, tap Turn On Lost Mode. Enter a contact number Not your iPhone's number ) where someone who might find the phone can reach you and click Next. Type a quick message to whoever might pick up the phone, and click Done.

The lock screen of the iPhone will display the message and phone number you chose, along with a button that lets someone call that number.

You can update the phone number and lock screen message at any time via or the iOS app. You can also opt to receive email updates when the device moves. Find My iPhone will also track the device's movements as long as Lost Mode is active.

If you want to lock the iPhone, use the feature and it will be locked with the iPhone passcode if you've put a passcode on your iPhone. Otherwise, you'll be asked to enter a code to secure it.