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All WhatsApp updates that is coming in 2020. Dark Mode, Self Destruct Messages and more

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WhatsApp is planning big updates in 2020. With up to 4 new amazing features to its chat app. Even if you got the storyline before — but you're not sure if it true or just a rumor, it certain that the most anticipated dark mode will be coming to WhatsApp this year and other amazing features.

WhatsApp did really make a great change to its App last year with a number of features added, with the option to choose who can add you to a group chat, respond privately to a message sent inside a group chat, and protect your chats and a fingerprint on Android smartphones. So what, there is more to come. WhatsApp currently stops support for these selected phones.

So before we dive deep on these updates that will be available in the coming months, this feature has been seen in the WhatsApp beta tester App. So here's everything we know that is coming to the chat App to make your messaging experience better.

WhatsApp Self Destructing Messages

Yeah, a self disappearing message on WhatsApp, things are just getting interesting. WhatsApp is working on a “Self Destruct" message that would let you set a timer on your text, and the message will self-destruct after a certain time has passed.

WhatsApp is working on the feature. It's not certain that the Disappearing Messages will be available in the next three releases of the new WhatsApp update.

The company parent Facebook is set to brand this feature name “Disappearing Messages.” And I think “Self Destruct Messages” fit it better.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

It is the most anticipated of all features, lots of users have been waiting for the release of WhatsApp Dark Mode. But it not certain it will be available in the next update, but we definitely push this year.

We've seen a lot of rumors and evidence from WaBetaInfo, a site that checks the update on WhatsApp through its Beta Program. WhatsApp Dark Theme is reportedly going to be two looks, one in greyscale, and another in pitch-blacks.

And if you have no idea about what an AAA Dark Mode is, it simply changes the user interface that would typically be white with greys or blacks theme. This was designed to reduce your smartphone screen light when using it at night and also saving battery life

WhatsApp Shopping Brochures

We didn't forget the WhatsApp Business App, as the company is bringing shopping catalogs to its Business app. The WhatsApp Business App helps customers communicate with businesses or customer service representatives.

The Shopping Brochures help you to completely breakdown (display) of inventory. WhatsApp claims the new feature is designed to help small businesses appear more professional on the app.

WhatsApp Adverts Incoming!

For some it good news and some bad. Why it'll not so much affect you. Because of the privacy issues. WhatsApp trying to run an advertisement in the first place made the co-founders left the company after it was acquired by Facebook for $19 billion.

WhatsApp parent company Facebook set to introduce advertising. WhatsApp has been around for some time and ever since the acquisition the company hasn't made any money, and they are set to change that in 2020.

If the advertising is to come, it will be played in-between slides on WhatsApp Status, just like they are on other Facebook and Instagram.