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US-made technology has been ban in China

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The trade war between the United State and China is going toward another level, where the two country ban equipment and technologies from each other. Just to say, it may be because of the ban US put on Huawei, who knows. China started trade ban to US companies in return for the ban on Huawei's gear.

Beijing, the country capital has ordered all government institutions and public bodies to get rid of their western computer gear, according to the Financial Times. And China will get rid of all American hardware and software with the time period of now till 2022 in favor to their alternatives.

The ban from Beijing, declared American technology as persona non grata within its government. Making it the case level of balancing the Huawei ban from US. China prohibits all American technology, US bans companies from partnering or selling to Huawei, how ironically, the world is changing. But not to mention that China bans, is to take place immediately.

Here, we know China and US want to control their data, and not letting it go out within its borders. But US like the part of National security, protecting its data from being hacked and China is protecting its data from being leaked.

So, the question is, what will now be for the top US technology companies who has a high market share in the country. Microsoft will probably pack its load, follow by Apple, Dell, HP and Intel.