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Incognito mode on Google Maps for iOS, and bulk delete will arrive next year

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We can take you to places. Google Maps can help you achieve that. Google announced yesterday that Incognito mode for Google Maps on iOS is available, and next month, it will roll out the ability for Android users to bulk-delete information from their timeline and location history.

You can download the update from the App Store. Just to make a few, Incognito mode for Maps is already available for Android.

So if you want to enable the incognito mode for Google Maps, it just required a few step to make it happen. Open the Google Maps app, tap on your profile picture in the search bar and then tap on "Turn on Incognito mode". The same goes for Android.

Incognito mode for Maps works like other Google Apps, when you enable the Incognito mode for Google Maps, Google won’t save that information to your Google account. Incognito mode isn't only available for Maps but other Google Apps like YouTube and Chrome, to keep your activity private. So if you want to keep your activity private you can turn it on.

But just so you know, turning the Incognito mode on, will disabled some features. The places you go won't be saved to your Location History, your searches won't be saved to your account and it won't use your information to personalize the experience.

Google is introducing bulk-delete in Maps for Android users next month, the ability for Android users to bulk-delete information from their Google Maps timeline and location history. With the bulk-delete available you can easily find and delete multiple places from your Timeline and Location History all at once.