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Google Keep and third-party note applications comes to Google Assistant.

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Even at the highest level, or if you just need to interpret a certain language, Assistant can help you do that. Google Assistant is now compatible with Google Keep and other notes apps. It no exception and I must say I love using Google Keep, the first to save my note, and apart from that to detailed ideals down the road.

Google Assistant is growing and adding more features into its service, while its progress and prove more and more that you can actually use your device without touching it. But it different now, Google Keep and third-party note applications comes to Google Assistant.

But it’s obvious why Google Assistant is just coming to the note app now. Anyway it now available, and we don’t want any story, we just want more features to be added as time goes on. And to break it to you it is only available in the English language for now.

Writing a note or creating a list will now be much easier with Google Assistant. Google also announced that the “Lists and Notes” service will be implemented, and it will be available in the Google Assistant “Services tab”.

From this section, you can manage which application of notes and lists you want to implement by default. Google Keep is the option within the Google ecosystem, but there are other options such as, AnyList and Bring. To get its configured, simply connect the Assistant with the app you used to create notes or lists.

Select the “Services tab” in your Google Assistant settings and then choose your preferred provider name from the “Notes and Lists” section.

Once connected, new notes and lists created from supported Assistant surfaces will appear in your chosen provider and you will have different commands available for it to run.

Here are a few things to try, starting with “Hey Google…” or “OK Google...” [Create a holiday gift list, Add iPhone 11 to my holiday gift list, Add onion to my shopping list, Take a note, Show me my notes.]

You can create lists or create notes. The result will be present in Google Keep or the third-party note applications.