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Epic is bringing Fortnite to Google Play: But there is a problem

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The 30% cut is too much, that why Fortnite isn't available on Google Play Store. When the company launched Fortnite for Android, it wasn't available on Google Play, this was due to the developer not wanting to give Google a 30% cut of in-app purchase revenue. Epic made Android user to officially download the game from their own website and then sideload it.

Epic didn't want it game to be in the Google Play Store, because of the charge and when there are making money from it, the 30% cut will be on high. Just in 2018, Epic was making $2 million a day from Fortnite on iOS. And when the launched came for Android there don't want the price to go half way, so deciding not put Fortnite in Google Play.

And now Epic is planning to submit Fortnite to Google for availability through the Play Store and using its own payments platform. If Google were to disapprove the app, it would be for using their own payment system. Epic using its own payment method would be in violation of Google’s policy which described that “developers offering products within a game downloaded on Google Play… must use Google Play In-app Billing as the method of payment.”

The company CEO claim that, the 30% cut that Google requests from developers is “illegal” for a distribution platform that has a market share of over 50%.

Google has since responded to Epic’s claims by saying, it will not provide Epic and Fornite an exception as it expects all developers to “participate under the same terms.”

“Android enables multiple app stores and choices for developers to distribute apps. Google Play has a business model and billing policy that allow us to invest in our platform and tools to help developers build successful businesses while keeping users safe. We welcome any developer that recognizes the value of Google Play and expect them to participate under the same terms as other developers.”

Google Play and the Apple’s App Store takes a 30% cut on In-app purchase as operating fees.