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Apple will pay you $100,000 to $1 million if you find a bug in their update

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If you can hack an iPhone or find a security flaw in their system Apple will pay you, but only if you're the first. Apple is making its bounty program open to all researchers and ethical hackers. The company is rewarding researchers with bug bounties for finding problems in their new updated release systems.

Researchers who find and report the bug to “Apple Product Security” will get a large payout, but depending on the bug discovered.

Apple bug bounty program was previously invite-only, and now is open to all ethical hackers. Just like the recent Google bug bounty program. Apple confirmed a $1 million reward for the hackers who find the most serious of security flaws.

The bug bounty program is open to the latest release versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. Wait, there is still one the iCloud which is the least payment of them all with a reward of $100,000, only if a flaw is found.

In a post on Apple developer page on Thursday, Apple outlined the bounty categories which include bugs in the iCloud, device attacks via physical access, Device attack via user-installed app, attacks with user interaction and attacks without user interaction. The maximum payouts is $1 million to the least of $100,000.

Apple is, however, offering some of the most significant bounties on specific types of vulnerability and when presented in a particular way.

Requirement for the big Buck

If you are first person to report the issue, and you agree not to disclose it before the official Apple security advisory is made public. The security researcher who found the security flaw will provide what's known as a "proof" when reporting a vulnerability.

"Reports lacking necessary information to enable Apple to efficiently reproduce the issue will result in a significantly reduced bounty payment," the Apple requirements state, "if accepted at all." To get a chance of the big bucks, hackers will have to provide not only enough information for Apple to be able to reproduce the issue at hand but also a "reasonably reliable exploit."

Issues that are unknown to Apple and are unique to designated developer betas and public betas, including regressions, can result in a 50% bonus payment.

So if you seen a security flaw in one of the system, you might want to send your report to Apple Product Security team: [email protected]

Apple want to fix its security issue within its product. Apple iPhone being one of the most secure mobile phone in the world doesn't mean it's completely free. Vulnerabilities can be exploited if found. just because a vulnerability hasn't been found yet, doesn't mean it's not there.

Apple isn't the only one with Bug bounty program. Many big tech company like Google, Microsoft and Facebook also offered rewards for researchers and hackers to put their security practices under the microscope over the past year.