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Apple Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR full setup costs more than $55,000

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Hey, are you're still there, just the Mac Pro cost more than $50,000, you're getting all the upgrade. And then your Mac will be blazing fast perhaps. Just the Mac Pro that doesn't include screen and a stand.

The order is already live at the Apple site. The normal based price for Mac Pro is $5,999, with all the upgrade, to the highest—boost up to $52,599. So with all the upgrade, you're assure that your Mac Pro will be blazing fast.

Yeah I know, the upgrade is top notch but the price kills, When the Mac Pro was first introduce in June at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, it ideal was to get professionals who need powerful machines for their works.

So here is a quick run through of the price break down by The Verge

Base price: $5,999, the entry-level price of a Mac Pro before you start configuring a unit with custom specs. (For reference, the $5,999 Mac Pro comes with 32GB of RAM, an octa-core Intel Xeon CPU, Radeon Pro 580X graphics, and a 256GB SSD.)

Processor: a 28-Core, 2.5GHz Intel Xeon W with 28 cores, 56 threads, and Turbo Boost up to 4.4GHz (a $7,000 add-on)

RAM: 1.5TB of 2933MHz RAM, broken down into 12 128GB user-replaceable slot (a $25,000 add-on)

SSDs: 4TB of SSD storage, split across two 2TB SSDs (a $1,400 add-on. Apple notes that an 8TB option will be offered soon, meaning that you’ll be able to spend even more here in the future.

GPU: two AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo graphics card modules, each with two GPUs inside for a total of four graphics cards, each with 32GB of dedicated RAM per GPU (a $10,800 add on)
Afterburner accelerator card: $2,000

Wheels for the Mac Pro: $400

Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse (included at no extra cost in an exclusive silver / black color scheme that’s unique to buyers of the Mac Pro)

Magic Trackpad: it’s sold separately, but it’s also in silver / black color scheme (for an extra $50)

Everything here gives $52,599.

So to complete the Apple’s setup you need the Pro Display XDR monitors which starts at $4,999, and for another version with “nano-texture” glass, it cost $5,999. And you’ll also need to pay $999 for the stand, making the full price for the screen and stand $6,998 and the entire Mac Pro setup for a total of $59,597. The Mac Pro is the most expensive Mac ever made.

The total cost for full Mac Pro And Pro Display XDR setup is $59,597, and the full upgrade of Mac Pro is $52,599, the Pro Display XDR with "nano-texture"  and stand is $6,998.