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Best browser 2019: A new way to see the internet

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Whether you are just trying to get information or just surfing the internet the right browser can make a big difference, from speed to performance, security, extension, flexibility, and durability can make a browser stand out. Having a web browser that gives you what you need when you use the Internet is a necessity for good browsers.

Okay, we browse the web no doubt and I'm no exception and we all have our best view about anything as we are not trying to be bias in anything we do. So we try to look out for the great value they can add to our browsing experience and possibly downfall we might fall into while using the browser. Meanwhile, the browser you are currently using might not be the best but it has performance based on OS. This browser might be good on this OS and bad at the other and the other browser might be awesome on both mobile and laptop OS versions, so it all depends on the OS, Laptop, Phones we're using.

We’ve put out together the biggest and best browser for the year 2019, some of which you might be familiar with. Improve your browsing experience with a much better browser. This list is not arranged in chronological order, no best to worst or worst to best.

1. Google Chrome

Chrome is a superb browser—fast and adaptable with high performance, speed and durability. The best, it stays for speed and easy-to-use browser. With chrome, your address bar is built with speed in mind. Well, it sure while chrome has a large market share because of the cross-platform and incredibly design model.

Chrome one of the nicest browser there is, built with chromium engines. I personally love using chrome why because of it fast and it easy to use. Google Chrome allows an extension to ensure the maximum usage of its browser, if you can you can create yours to support lots of other features. The downside, while using the Chrome browser I notice it take too many resources and it damn heavy for a browser of its size. So if you decide to use the new chrome I bet your computer or mobile is up for it.

If you’re not bothered with Google following you around like a watch Dog, I bet the chrome browser is your final stop. But don’t get me wrong as long as you use Google and you have a Gmail your activity is always recorded, but only if you accept to be followed.

Download Chrome for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows

2. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is back with an amazing new look and design while lighting and speeding up system resources with a focus on speed, privacy, and security.

Firefox is one of the very fast browsers we have around which has strong privacy tools. Firefox Quantum speed is now comparable with Google Chrome before the Quantum was related last year Firefox has been lacking behind web browser, but after the update, a lot has changed since then.

Firefox points to have more privacy over user data, the company does not interact with user data. A feature added to browser that allowed password-free login and automatic blocking of ad trackers.

Download Mozilla Firefox for Android, iOS, Mac, and  Windows

3. Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer is a clean and powerful browser, which uses the modest of your system resources, the Internet is a great browser per say but it less expensive to chrome, while IE seems to support add-ons know as an extension for Chrome for additional functions or features is sure to be improving. Internet Explorer is the default browser for computers using Windows 8.1 and earlier

While IE keeps the limited resource in use, Chrome and Firefox use more of it. Internet Explorer is powerful, clean and highly compatible with the system which doesn't demand much of your RAM and CPU than that of Chrome or Firefox.

One of the most interesting things about IE is its clear design, but one thing that keeping the browser behind is the limit of Addons on its store. While many of its competitors have more on their respective stores, IE is still holding back. So if you are looking for that customizable browser, IE is still a choice.

Download Microsoft Internet Explorer for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows

4. Microsoft Edge

Got you, making Edge it default browser for windows 10, from opening links and thereafter. Edge a diluted workaholic with sand boxing for security and a special reading mode.

Edge is built with reading mode in mind and with a very fast and unique look experience. Edge is uniquely for windows, with that much integration. Edge works with Cortana, a smart AI assistant. With the help of Cortana you can listen to books get instant answers, access reviews, lyrics, coupons, and the latest deals with Cortana.

Edge makes it quick and easy for you to access your favorite sites, reading list, what’s in your history, recent downloads, and more. But there is more, the new Microsoft Chromium Edge browser just recently made a change to their logo. As the browser will now be built on chromium engine, the engine that Google Chrome use.

Download Microsoft Internet Explorer for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows

5. Opera

Opera is a superb browser with a clean interface and built-in ad-blocker, plus a Turbo mode that makes slow connections more useable. It is a great browser when you're having a slow connection around and also works best when the connection is good. Opera browsers is widely used in Africa after Google Chrome which make it the second in the continent.

Opera UI is nice, as one can tell for both desktop, Android and iOS version, everything is clean, with extra additional features of using WhatsApp web and Messenger web. Opera is promising a cool feature, a battery-saving mode which want to keep your laptop going for longer.

Apart from being one of the most innovative browser and the second most used in Africa, Opera reduces the amount of data transferred to be able to load the site faster. Opera Turbo feature compresses your web traffic, routing it through Opera's servers, which makes a huge difference to the browsing speed. Opera still support lots of useful addons for additional features to the web browser.

Download Opera for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows