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Microsoft’s Chromium-based browser Edge has a new logo

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Redesigning the Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser is a step to flee from Internet Explorer past like they have the same logo in a kind of way. The last time there did this was more than three years ago. Microsoft has been redesigning all its popular software and the new Chromium Edge browser is not left out, unveiling a new kind of logo that looks like Mozilla's Firefox when rotated and inverted to 180°.

We don't know when Microsoft we official release the final version of the Chromium-based browser Edge, but what we do know is that the Microsoft’s annual Ignite conference is coming up next week, and that is where Microsoft might release the official final version of the Edge browser if not we may see the release next year. But anyway we got to see how the logo will look like from solving an elaborate Easter egg hunt inside the latest Canary versions of Edge. Microsoft’s new logo was discovered as part of a new surfing mini-game hidden inside the latest Canary versions of Edge.

Tom Warren explains that the logo will appear after you complete the secret surfing game. It all led to a series of words discovered in seven clues, which were then inputted into a Javascript function on Microsoft’s Edge Insider website. This revealed which words needed to be pulled from a video for the final instructions to discover the secret surfing game (edge://surf/) and the new logo when you complete it.

The new Chromium-based Edge browser was compared to Mozilla’s Firefox browser, saying that it looks more like the Firefox logo when inverted and rotated to 180°. Not sure whether it a meme but is look like Firefox when it is rotated, but no burning flame.

I don't know why Microsoft switch from using their own house rendering engine “EdgeHTML” to the open-source Chromium powerhouse, but I do know one thing that it may be a good cause since the “Chromium powerhouse” is used by one of the most popular browsers and also competitor Chrome.

The new Edge logo is more dynamic and modern, moving to a more realistic design and running from the traditional logo. The logo still spells out the letter e in a way, because of its curving inside. It looks modern and stands out in the crowd. Here is the history of all the Microsoft browser icons from the last 20 years.

It just the official release we're waiting for as we don't know when it will be release it may or may not be released at the Ignite conference in Orlando next week, but the beta version of Chromium-based Edge is out, since August to be exact.