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How to enable dark mode for Facebook

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Having developed a dark mode version for Instagram, for both iOS 13 and Android 10, it no doubt that the company will also do the same for its self, joining the team of dark mode—like Google and Twitter to help reduce long-time light brightest from the screen and also helps you save more battery. Dark mode for Facebook is not yet available for smartphone users and Facebook web, but there is a development going on. But they are a way to turn dark theme on for Facebook web.

This development just came in, and it all about the version is going to work on, just like the Instagram dark mode, the dark mode gives you a more representative experience letting you use social media like Twitter. So having a dark theme with the black background and white text could help your device battery and reduces the hardness on your eyes at night.

Facebook rolls out a new design for its app and it now started rolling out a new design to its desktop version with an inclusion of a dark theme for only some user at first to test dark mode option.

If you're part of the Facebook beta tester, when you visit Facebook on your desktop you'll see a notification prompt asking you to choose between light and dark designs.

Non-tester won't see the option to turn dark theme on the Facebook web, as it is not yet available for everyone, however, there is a way for you to achieve this, by using dark mode extension in your browser. Forcing dark theme for all websites you enter. Although, this reduces the light going inside your eyes, and off cause saves your laptop battery, which is what you need.

Facebook dark mode for desktop

Although this is not the official dark mode for Facebook, you can install a browser extension to enable a dark theme for the desktop version of Facebook and any site you visit including WhatsApp.

For Mac and PC users, the quickest and probably the best way to get the Dark Mode is via a browser extension. There are numerous extensions to choose from, you could either choose Night Eye or Dark Reader.

To enable the dark theme for the Facebook web, you need to download an extension to do this. You need to go to the Chrome Web Store and search for Dark Reader, stylus or Night Eye then add it to your browser and activate the extension to turn on dark mode for the Facebook web.

Facebook dark mode for mobile 

Facebook doesn't have a dark mode for Android and iOS yet but will definitely do, and they are working on the development of the Facebook app for both platforms. Instagram now allows a dark mode for the latest Android and iOS version,  Android 10 and iOS 13.

Facebook app users will definitely get the dark mode on Android. A handful of users have already been able to switch the app’s mobile interface to the dark side of the app.

Some user are already seeing dark mode on Facebook Android application on the social networks. On Reddit and Twitter the image was posted. After Instagram and Facebook Messenger, Facebook’s dark mode is coming soon, and the official release won't be long.

Dark mode for Messenger

The dark mode for Messenger has been around ever since you can turn it on at any time for both Android and iOS. Enabling dark mode on Messenger is as easy as making a phone call. Open the Messenger app, click on your profile picture, and toggle on the button next to the Dark mode option to enable dark mode for Messenger.

All the menus, chats, and background will turn black. If you change your mind want to turn off Messenger Dark Mode, you simply toggle Dark Mode back to “off.”

It is certain that Facebook will get dark mode for all it subsidiaries, as Instagram get a dark mode for both iOS and Android but only available to it latest version, Facebook will also do the same for its self and WhatsApp to join the team of Dark. We are waiting for the development. And don't forget to Like us on Facebook.