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How to enable dark mode for WhatsApp

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If you are still thinking when the dark mode will be available for WhatsApp user, you should wait as development is in progress for both iOS and Android. The dark mode is not yet out for Android or iOS WhatsApp mobile but its available on WhatsApp web, using a tweak of the mind, it not actually a tweak. Just an added functionality.

Okay, I know its not the official dark theme for WhatsApp web but it works like one, while you are still waiting for the official release of WhatsApp dark theme, you can make good use of WhatsApp web dark mode, and save your eyes from burning light from your desktop.

Because dark mode has been seen to be popular among mobile devices, companies are integrating dark mode for all their apps, and newer version OS like Android and iOS support full display dark mode for its device, which turn the phone full display to dark and apps that support dark mode like the Instagram latest version app that support dark theme for iOS 13 and Android 10. And most essentially extending your phone battery. But since the dark mode isn't available for the mobile version of WhatsApp, the web has taken interest in dark themes, which gives you the option to change from white to a dark background if you ever need to WhatsApp with your desktop.

WhatsApp dark mode for mobile 

WhatsApp doesn't have a dark mode for Android and iOS yet but will definitely do, and they are working on the development of WhatsApp dark mode for both platforms.

WhatsApp dark mode for desktop

To change from a white background color scheme to a dark theme you need a browser extension called Stylus, Night Eye or Dark Reader. This Stylus extension can be used to apply any theme to any website using custom CSS.

We are using chrome browser, so in Chrome, go to the Chrome Web Store and search one of these extensions Stylus, Dark Reader or Night Eye and install the extension to your web browser. With Stylus installed, you can download a special dark theme for WhatsApp. Click the link followed by 'Install Style' and then 'OK', or uses Night Eye or Dark Reader to enable the dark theme for WhatsApp web.

The dark mode for WhatsApp web isn't officially out, but we can use these extensions for WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram web version to cancel the light from burning our eyes out. WhatsApp will stop working on this smartphone.