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Facebook Viewpoint: A new market research app that pay $5

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Facebook launches a survey testing product app that lets a user earn money while completing a survey. The new market research app is called Viewpoints. The launch of its Viewpoints app comes after a few months of Facebook shutting down a market research app offered as a virtual private network (VPN) provider that collected users’ data.

Facebook’s market research app is now live on Viewpoints, with the Viewpoints app user can earn rewards after filling out a survey. One of the surveys available in the well-being survey, that is used to improve products like Facebook. And the survey will earn you 1000 points, which becomes $5 that will be paid to you through PayPal and it takes only 15 minutes to complete the survey. And others include trying out new apps.

The survey only takes some minutes, and once you get a total of 1000 points, it will be converted to $5, which is paid to your PayPal account. Facebook Viewpoints is available on both iOS and Android, the company plans to open the app to more countries in 2020 as it is only available in the US. If you're over 18 years of age, you can sign up for a Viewpoint account. Once you set up a Facebook Viewpoints account, you’ll be invited to join programs and start earning while completing surveys. Payments can take up to 10 days to process.

More option to login into the app is coming as you can only login through your Facebook account, additional ways for people to register is through email, phone and Google account but coming soon.

The company says it won’t share information from the app to third parties or share your Facebook Viewpoints activity on Facebook and other accounts you’ve linked without your permission. 

Facebook Viewpoints is only open to people in the US with over 18 years of age and older with Facebook accounts.