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6 Reasons why you need a custom email address

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Starting your business website this week or you already set it as a goal this year please don't forget to create a custom email for all your business after you've created your site. While branding a company or personal website matters a lot, it is to let potential customers know what your brands are and how does it look professional. While branding email also matters like have your own custom domain for your website. You definitely need a professional address for your business email.

If you want to start doubting about while using a custom email address for your business here is are few reasons you should consider and definitely use custom emails for your website and just forget about the stress or trouble that comes in creating a custom email. Nothing comes easy.

Here is a quick overview of the reasons you need a custom email address
  • Unprofessional Look 
  • It already free
  • Personalization
  • You're in control
  • It does your marketing
  • Unlimited email address 

1. Professional Look

Using a custom domain name looks more professional from the customer of your business. If you decide to use emails address from Yahoo, Gmail or Outlook, you don't have to pay for it, it free, but it doesn't look professional to you or your customer. when your sales or support service tries to make their email unique while using the free email service from Google or Yahoo it won't look good but using a custom email address will make your support team or salesperson more confident and determined in their business.

while using a free email address won't make your customer want to contact you in the case may be, thinking that your business is plunder, but using a custom email address, the customer is liking to contact you. And if you have a competitor and am sure you do, they are likely to have a custom email address.

If you're still mocking that a custom domain doesn't matter, check this out a support service from; are you going to use [email protected] or [email protected], so you see while using a custom email address you are more likely to get a result from customers.

2. It free when you created a website

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a custom email address because you already paid for it when you created your website, so its free even when you want to create unlimited email address. if you did not create a website but own a domain you can still get access to creating a custom email address through the cPanel of your web host. Setting up your custom email address is easy just as creating a new one from free service like Yahoo.

3. Personalization

When your staff starts growing, you might want to consider personalizing email addresses for all your staff, from the support team to the sales representative and all the people involved in your business.

When you have a custom email address you can personalize other's email addresses. If your company does this for every team's customer, investors can simply contact the team in charge, and they are more likely to remember the email address.

4. You're in control

If you created a custom email address for each person in your company, you can still retain that name when the person leaves. The person can't take the custom email address along with him. If the person is managing his own personal account and also the support team email, you'll still be in control.

For the support team email address,"[email protected]"can't go with him. if it was a free email address created by the person leaving the team, the address is gone. You can just hire a new one and he would start managing the account

5. It does your marketing 

If you have a custom email address consider it as a medium for your marketing service. Have you ever seen someone’s email address on an identity card and researched the web site as a result of you were curious? That doesn’t happen with free email addresses. But, if you utilize your domain on your web site, you’re growing your business as well

That email address should appear in each employee’s email signature, as well as on business cards and marketing materials. Every place you have that branded email address is one more opportunity to attract new business!

6. Unlimited email address

When you've obtained the access to create a custom email address you can create unlimited email addresses for your company or even if you're a one-person operation. From creating email address marketers, contact and all you can think of when you start hiring you to assign those emails to those employees in other for them to control.

Giving roles

Give each employee the ability to change their password and settings, but maintain administrative rights so that if they leave the company you can still access and manage their email account.
When staff leaves, make sure to set up email forwarding for those emails to automatically send to another employee.

Not only does a custom email address deliver a level of professionalism, but it also allows your users to send and receive mail that is consistent with the business’s brand. Consider your email address your calling card, and make it memorable!. If you take yourself seriously as a small business owner, you need to set up a custom email address.